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Do all things with love🌈 Our yoga community is in Sammakorn Village, Bkk. Contact: 091-871-2020
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458 | 1 day ago | 3

Drama at home. #mom does not like to be kissed by Duen, her caretaker who has been with us for 3 years and she is trying to be like me in hugging and kissing her. #mymompatumwan #feisty side when she doesn’t get her way. Does one progress into a child or are we always one? 🧐🤨😑

767 | 3 days ago | 4

#avacado #picnic in our #village 🌈🍅🌶🌮🥗#guacamole #dip just add chips and friends and it’s a #party

1,661 | 5 days ago | 31

My #mom says she #love me☺️, that made my day. #allyouneedislove #momcare #mymompatumwan

4,991 | 6 days ago | 35

How to make #Mom #happy... #เดี่ยว12 ☺️

1,739 | 7 days ago | 19

#mom is happy today because she gets to go see #เดี่ยว12 . Thank you @lakkana_apple for the jasmine garland, mom’s favorite flower. Thank you @kae_lamour for bringing buttercream cupcakes for our class this morning #yogabypop. And thank you Udom for making คุณนายปทุมวัน so happy, we will be attending your standup tonight. #happymothersday #mymompatumwan

585 | 8 days ago | 3

My first time discovering the hipster side of Soi Ari, the Northern part of Bangkok with my buddy Putt. #soiari #icecream #trendyeats #happysaturday

1,632 | 11 days ago | 7

#เดี่ยว12 #standupcomedy 👍💋 so good I laugh until I cried 🤣😂

564 | 11 days ago | 4

#workout time #beastfitness with @james_oc_8888 and Tarn. Muscles are like friends, if you don’t look after them they will fade away. #sweat everyday, and #wakeup #strong and #happy 💪😉

966 | 12 days ago | 9

Why is #mom #smiling #happymom because @nampung_natrika is giving her a #massage with 😻 #love #mymompatumwan

972 | 13 days ago | 7

Decided to party at home. Steak cooked by my brother to perfection, washed down with Italian Red Wine and Cheese. My mom and I don’t take steak, but we did enjoy the cheese and I, was tipsy after two glasses🍷🍷.

1,437 | 14 days ago | 18

Went for a check up for #Mom urinary tract infection. After the second round of 5-days antibiotic, Mom is recovering well. #mymompatumwan #momcare

3,052 | 15 days ago | 51

#yesterday once more. #throwback to a more #carefree #happy time of my #youth #happysaturday 🤙🏼

720 | 16 days ago | 6

#inversion first, then we #indulge in P’Pink’s delicious homemade #ข้าวคุกกะปิ for lunch.

1,139 | 17 days ago | 8

With her hands stiffing up into clutched fist, I gave her my Buzz Bee Toyota Mascot I got when I was a presenter for Prius. Mom held on to Buzz’s big hands and feet so she wouldn’t strain her fingers. This is the smile I got from Mom with her new friend. #mymompatumwan

1,452 | 18 days ago | 19

My mini-break in #chiangmai has come to an end. Heading back to Bangkok today but want to send big hug and thanks to @chiangmaimarisa for being a great buddy in finding the best #tomyum #noodles in town. And letting me indulge in my coconut cream pie obsession when you really want me to try something new, Love you buddy. 🍲🥢😊

465 | 19 days ago | 8

#loveatfirstbite cafe is still my favorite dessert place in #chiangmai. It’s actually Uncle Jerry and Bah Nu’s family home they turned into a #mustgo indulenge for #sweets and #eats. About 20 years ago, when they first brought out their famous pies (coconut cream is still my favorite, sorry @chiangmaimarisa ) it was Love-at-first-bite 😍Everyone who came from Bangkok had to stop by. Uncle Jerry and Auntie Mattie, at the age of 78, wants to retire and go back to L.A to be closer to their children and grandchildren. He wants to sell his home and cafe and officially retired, and it saddens me😢. They are trying to find someone who wants to continue their #love , I’m trying to talk them out of it, but I know change will have to happen in the not-so-far future. For now I bought chocolate banana and carrot cake to bring back home to my brother for his birthday.

818 | 19 days ago | 9

#Happybirthday to my forever young-at-heart baby brother Pe 🤗. May you always bring joy into our home with Mom and me and my yoga class, #love you my goofball brother. 🤡😹🤖

615 | 20 days ago | 6

My day in #nimanhaemin road included going to #rusticandblue cafe with @chiangmaimarisa and was asked to buy ice coffee @ristr8to for @dr_danai. I end up giving @ristr8to a massage because his neck was so tight from all the neck tension he built up to to be the #1 Best Barista Art Champ 2017. Love this guy, but he cannot function well as a champ with all the built up neck tension and lower back pain from being hunch over making his art. This is my small contribution to my local art scene 🤗

1,265 | 22 days ago | 15

I don’t like going to the gym😐. But because I have a back problem, I need strong glutes for a stable lower back. May never get a #jlobooty but at least I can #work #aim #focus on getting #strong today👊

703 | 25 days ago | 10

Ways to expand and strengthen shoulders and chest. Lately there has been many “office syndrome” of haunch back in front of a computer and smart phone ⚡️ There are ways to go deeper with help from a friend, and if one add an element of #thaimassage into #yoga, this can be a powerful way to heal tight muscles and strengthen core and shoulders. Do it with a firm and supportive touch, with the intension to heal. Do it with #love. #yogabypop

1,248 | 26 days ago | 8

When our maids had to to go pick up their work permit at 4 am this morning. My brother and #lattethedog took #Mom out to get some morning sun together. Latté marked all his territory, my brother pushed her as gentle as possible and Mom is trying not to worry about passing cars hitting her. She’s a worrier. With all her fear of what can go wrong, all her children can do is reassure her with lots of #love that everything will be okay. #letgo and smell the #flowers .🌸🌻🌹

371 | 27 days ago | 4

On a rainy Sunday, I sat with her through the #thunderstorm She started to talk to the sky, “if you’re going to rain, then just rain you don’t have to make noise.” I had to ask, are you talking to the sky? She said she didn’t have anyone to talk to and she didn’t like the sky cry in loud thunder clashes 🌨⚡️it scares #mymompatumwan peace of mind. Then she laughed at the silliness of talking to the sky. Her #laughter brighten our dark rainy day. 🌦

718 | 29 days ago | 6

Yesterday, I had a few people ask if my maid was hurting my mom because #Mom was yelling in such anger.😳Mom was annoyed because Duen likes to tease🤡👻😽Straight out of my mom’s mouth, Duen takes good care of her. ถ้ารักกันแม่จะให้เดินกาดไหมแม่ตอบว่าเรื่องอะไร 🤨 #allisgood #mymompatumwan

994 | 30 days ago | 12

#goodmorning mom part 2... My #fiesty #mom with her Burmese hilltribe maid is so entertaining I had to share this too. When her caretaker Duen, who’s been with her for 3 years tried to hug and kiss her like I did, mom’s reaction and strong swear words, ( I am not going to translate, because I can’t) 😅🤣 is too hilarious. #mymompatumwan #whenmomgetsmad

4,036 | 30 days ago | 96

#goodmorning and #happyfriday from #mom and me. My Mom has a wicked sense of humor 🤨😜. Knowing I am so afraid of her brain deteriorating, I check by asking, “remember me?” Today, my Mom said she doesn’t know and started laughing like a naughty child. Even with all the physical handicap she has to endure everyday, it’s her #attitude of #goodvibes most morning that I will cherish and want to remember in life. #laughter is the best #medicine, that and #mommyhugs and #yoga in the morning ☺️ #mymompatumwan

667 | 32 days ago | 8

Our annual #sukothainoodle day. I swear I didn’t know they were coming to play cook out on my front porch today. Came back from the gym, and my lunch is #homemade #noodles with lots of #peanuts #lime #redpork and #chili. I cannot lie, I had 2.5 bowl of this amazing #yummie dish that’s made with #love. Thank you @lakkana_apple for setting up the party and @prathana_yuy for feeding us once again 🍜

1,848 | 32 days ago | 46

One morning I saw my mom’s diaper soaked in blood. Thinking the worse case scenario, I panicked and fear going to a hospital and having to endure a lot of mental, physical and financial pain. I feared the worse🙁😣😫. We’ve been to private hospitals in Thailand here before, and it felt very much like the U.S., fancy, pricey and unnecessary long waits, lots of poking and testing and doctors in a rush to their next case. My mom once spent 15,000 baht for cold medicine and an unnecessary chest x-ray because she said her ribs were broken because she was coughing so hard. I told her it’s not broken, because she can still breathe without agonizing pain. I’m not a doctor, but it was just common sense. The doctor send her to the x-ray, told her she was fine, and gave her a $450 bill🤑 This time, I didn’t go to the hospital but went to a special clinic created by King Rama 9 ศูนย์การแพทย์พัฒนา, its a medical clinic that is socialism and premium thai care that works. My Mom was checked in quickly and wheeled to Dr.Terdsak, who came in on Sunday as a volunteer, his other job is a Chief Clinical Operations at Bumrungrad International Hospital, one of top-tier private hospital in Thailand. He gave my Mom a ultrasound test to see if there was any tumor, then gave her a gynecology exam. He explained he couldn’t find anything and asked mom to give a urine test. Test came back, high bacterial count, red and white blood cells count were high due to an infection. It was urinary tract infection. She was given antibiotics and was cured. I paid 600 baht for all the tests, medicine and doctor’s fee (which was 300 baht) and I’m still shocked I survived going to see the doctor, cured my mom and paid about $18 for medical care. #blessed #playitforward #mymompatumwan #healthcare

2,237 | 36 days ago | 23

As promised, after her doctor’s appointment, we would take her to eat her favorite #greenteaicecream with #redbean, melon and almond crunch treat. This is #mymompatumwan first time needing help to hold up her head so she won’t choke. It was a family effort for this treat, #mom is #happy life is #goodvibes .

1,720 | 38 days ago | 12

เห็นนักเรียนขึ้นมาเองต่อสู้ความกลัวของตัวเองฝึกให้ฐานมั่นคงแล้วลองครั้งแรกคืนได้ท้าทายเหงื่อแตกสัตว์ใจเราเรียนรู้ตอนมันสนุกลองล้มแล้วลุกขึ้นมาใหม่ทำไปด้วยแล้วหัวเราะตัวเองที่ได้ลอง 🌈 the point isn’t not to fall, but to fall and try again smarter. So proud she came up in a headstand by herself when she was ready, just be firm in her base and steady in her core and fly. #yogabypop #goodvibes at #play

390 | 40 days ago | 3

#thailandonly already the #ทีมหมูป่า copyright of merchandizing already in place, before the boys are out of the cave. Someone find those boys an agent. 😜 Hollywood will be calling soon.

1,297 | 44 days ago | 9

#happyday are rare, #enjoy #every #blessed #moment #thechumsai

452 | 45 days ago | 5

Sneak preview of our #family #playground. Should be done with construction in two months. This is the 8 am sunrise with full on sunshine on the #shala . My brother and dad came in for a test drive on the deck. #chill #home #thechumsai

4,440 | 47 days ago | 81

When the British Diving team found the 13 members of the #ทีมหมูป่า soccer team in the #ถ้ำหลวง cave on the 9th day of the rescue mission in Chiang Rai, Thailand, they ask their rescuer where are they from. When the diver said, “England,” one of the boy said, “Damn, we went all the way to England?!” 😂🤗😁 #goodnews

1,037 | 48 days ago | 5

#Love #understanding #forgiveness ...repeat. That’s what makes #happy #family moments.

1,465 | 50 days ago | 7

Our #family #walk around the #neighborhood so #Mom can get some sunlight and her dosage of Vitamin D. 🌞🌴#mymompatumwan #myfamily

877 | 51 days ago | 22

Being #wonderwoman on a wonderful day.

1,606 | 51 days ago | 17

Feeling the #love from a fun #birthday #party with family, friends and yoga students galore. Thank you @lakkana_apple for asking that the party be thrown at my house so we can include my Mom too. Thank you everyone for the warm wishes and sending #goodvibes right back 🍰🌈💐🕺🏻

4,268 | 52 days ago | 156

Celebrating my birthday with everyone I love today. Feeling #blessed for the #family I have. For the #time with my mom, for all the #laughter and tears along the way. My #birthday is the day I consider #mymompatumwan real Mother’s Day, since I was her first born when she was a graduate student living with dad in married housing in #annarbor #michigan. Time just fly by with loving memories, thank you Mom and everyone in my life. 🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌿🌹🌞

846 | 54 days ago | 15

My #mom daily exercise involve getting help from her maid Duen. But Mom says she doesn’t need any help, her feisty fighting spirit is apart of her stubborn personality of doing things her way. #mymompatumwan

1,638 | 55 days ago | 8

When I was 4 years old, my parents had a cake shop at Lang Suan Rd and my Mom would take me for walks in Suan Lumpini Park. My Mom would point to the tallest building in Thailand, The Dusit Thani which was across the park. Last night I slept at the Dusit Thani for the last time. This historic 5-Star Thai hotel, will be demolished on Jan. 5, 2019... life is like that, what is old and obsolete is torn down to make room for new shopping complex and office buildings, all in the name of progress. At lease we still have our park. #bangkok #concretejungle #dusitthani #suanlum #lifegoeson

1,127 | 56 days ago | 7

Afternoon #lunch and #siesta happening on my #Shala from my builders. The wind tunnel has a cool gentle breeze that’s perfect for dinning and sleeping on the waterfront deck. Feels homey and happy. Photos by @chiangmaimarisa

668 | 57 days ago | 5

#aboutlastnight my partner in crime @chiangmaimarisa in screening art film before everything became a blur

1,393 | 57 days ago | 15

First time seeing my new front gate and I #love handmade #bricks with the stylish wind channel. The yoga playground should be ready to open by the end of the year. Thanks for the photos @chiangmaimarisa

2,642 | 59 days ago | 20

Good morning. Everyday when I’m home, I will come down to my mom’s bedroom and talk to her to get her to pee, because it takes her long time to let go. It is my happy duty with Latté the dog to get her to laugh, with her condition, peeing takes a long time. Laughter cures a lot of life’s hurdle. #laughterismedicine #mymompatumwan #goodmorning

1,529 | 69 days ago | 16

ตั้งแต่รับบทเป็นท่านผู้หญิง เสาวนีย์ไปทุกทีทุกคนทักทายในตลาดในท้องถนนมาเล่าให้แม่ฟังแม่พยามบอกว่าผู้หญิงเสาวนีย์ของแม่มีเหตุผลจริงๆลึกไม่ดุหรอกแค่ห่วงลูก ชาย...ขำกลิ้งเพราะแม่ in กับบทมาก ถ้าพูดได้เห็นได้ แม่จะต้องไปบุกไปถึงตลาด เพื่อจะไปอธิบายให้แม่ค้าเข้าใจลูกสาวให้ถูกต้อง... นี่แหละเจ้าแม่ตัวจริงนั่งยิ้มอยู่ตรงนี้🤣 #thecrownprincess #mymompatumwan

2,549 | 75 days ago | 50

ช่วยด้วย! 🎬📺🔫#thecrownprincess

2,538 | 75 days ago | 31

หลังฉากคุณหญิงเสาวนีย์ไม่ได้ดุหรอกนะ🤨😏 Since last night’s episode when I finally appeared, I’ve been told I look really angry😡. In tonight’s episode, I get kidnapped, slapped and have to run in high heels while being shot at. 😖🤬😫 เดี๋ยวจะได้เห็นคุณหญิงแม่ ดาแล้วถุยน้ำลายก่อนโดนตบเดี๋ยวอีกคว่ำ😱🤪 จะเล่นสักทีเอาให้มันส์ไปเลย #thecrownprincess

1,451 | 75 days ago | 36

แม่สามีกับลูกสะไภ้ 😱 เมื่อ ‘แม่มา’ แล้วเห็น ‘สะใภ้’ แบบสุดเซอร์ไพรส์ แม่ก็ย่อมมีคำถามเป็นธรรมดา แม่อยากรู้เรื่องอะไรที่สุด !! และจะได้คำตอบอย่างไร? #คุณหญิงเสาวนี #ผู้พันดวิน #เจ้าหญิงอลิซ #ลิขิตรักTheCrownPrincess #คืนนี้ #ห้ามพลาด #ช่อง3 #ช่อง33

910 | 84 days ago | 12

#missuniversethailand2018 judging the screen round and realized most of the contestants weren’t even born when I was on stage in 1994. You know you’re old when the contestants names on the scorecards are too small of a print that you have to pull out you’re reading glasses, and discover the vintage #missthailand all brought out their reading glasses in a unison of sisterhood. 🙈👓👑👠

1,720 | 86 days ago | 15

Good morning from #mom and #lattethedog

610 | 93 days ago | 8

#oysters with #seafoodsauce #thaistyle and life is good. Thank you @issue_ratty for not only bringing the fresh oyster, but also opening them too. When my brother baked fries and fish and garlic bread, our meal today was amazingly juicy, tangy and spicy sweet when dipped with the lime, chili and garlic sauce.

3,343 | 94 days ago | 80

My #sleepingbeauty mom. She has really regress into a child, wearing diapers and taking long naps, sometimes 2-6 hours in the day. She will wake up and ask, Where am I? Why is it so dark? Where’s the light? And I will tell her that everything will be alright, I will be here giving her lots of #love and #kisses through this dark rainy day. #mymompatumwan

776 | 95 days ago | 10

My eating tour of #chiangmaieats with @chiangmaimarisa... included my favorite stinky beans for dinner and mango fish wrap for lunch. Best meal ever. 🤗

649 | 99 days ago | 4

Greetings from Mae On, came to visit @khunsun and he gave me this beautiful piece of wood that’s 4’x 1.5’ and is shaped like #michigan. PaPuk’s new lakeside new rooms are so simple and beautifully decorated, I had to share.

567 | 100 days ago | 5

Greetings from #uttradit, a little town in northern Thailand famous for their #ทุเรียนลับแล, #thaisilk, this is why I’m dress like this last night, promoting this #otop event to boost up the local economy. At the end of the day of high heels, tight clothing, makeup and gel in my hair, I was exhausted and became me again. #allinadayswork

757 | 103 days ago | 3

What we do on rainy days in Bangkok... make Mom happy by baking. Decided to go healthy and not fry chicken but grill it in the oven my brother just got. While the oven was already heated, we decided to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. Even on a gray rainy day, we were happily biting into warm chocolatey, crispy edge and gooey center cookies and washing all down with soy milk. #happymom #chocolatechipcookies #bake

2,530 | 105 days ago | 26

My family adventure around the #neighborhood included finding my mom’s favorite flower #ดอกมะลิ #jasmine, which I try to find for her as often as possible. She love the smell of jasmine so much she said to please scatter her ashes under a jasmine tree one day, so we’ll think of her when we smell this soft delicate white flower. Just like my mom to be thinking ahead. Today we made her enjoy this present moment with us and all the sweet and sour taste around her. #liveforthemoment #family #love

1,837 | 106 days ago | 18

After 50 years they still kiss good morning and night whenever they’re together. #momanddad #love #myparents

1,562 | 108 days ago | 80

I have failed my mom as a caretaker because I brought her to see the eye doctor too late😢 For five years Mom has been given a daily eyedrops for cataract, now we discover she doesn’t have cataract but much worse, glaucoma, a genetic disease that puts high pressure on the optical nerves. If untreated it will lead to blindness. And for so many years, Mom has been complaining of headache and dizziness, symptoms of #glaucoma we thought was from her ataxia, it never occurred to us that mom’s aging body was falling apart in more than one way. When Dr. Swasdi asked why I didn’t bring her in sooner. My heart dropped that he could have helped her. But now it’s too late, most of her optical nerves are damaged and there’s nothing he could do to save her vision, Mom is permanently blind by glaucoma, because I didn’t bring her to the eye doctor soon enough😭. My brother and I both were given pressure test on our pupils so what happened to Mom won’t happen to us. My brother is already showing early signs😞 Last night I shared the news to my family and feel #blessed my family is together, laughing and dancing to brighten mom’s spirit and to let her know she is not alone. Her smile brighten my heavy heart. #mymompatumwan #eyeexam

417 | 110 days ago | 1

#aboutlastnight #brunomars in #bangkok #24kworldtour 😍

885 | 111 days ago | 6

#brunomars you’re my gift to self. See you tonight you beautiful, talented, sexy thing😍

965 | 111 days ago | 12

So this is how we celebrated Dad’s #birthday. Instead of a cake, Dad wanted #Durian. Because it’s a high calorie fruit, Dad is trying to eat it only once a year. I bought a pack that had 7 seeds, he ate it all and gave a bite to mom 😉 because Mom loves it too. Mom also wanted to make merit and so we asked พระอาจารย์นวลจันทร์ to come over and give blessing. In the late afternoon, my Bro showed Dad his new toy. Latté got his walk before the rain came. I feel #blessed that everyone is happy and there is no drama, just chilling out and hanging with my family like a bunch of #banana which is btw the biggest กล้วยน้ำว้าจากบ้านน้องกอยย่า Dad has ever seen. Dad ate it all, better than cake, he said.😇

1,923 | 118 days ago | 17

I’m about to go buy my mom’s daily supplies of diapers. Realized we’re accidentally dressed the same, I told Mom we’re twining. She gave me this smile today 😁#happymom #mymom #patumwan

2,520 | 122 days ago | 62

Mom woke up this morning saying she feels useless, that she doesn’t have a purpose and doesn’t have the will to live anymore. Her words almost broke my heart. I had to take all the energy I had to tell her what a blessing it was for us to be together. Before her illness, I’ve been living alone for 20 years. Mom prefer living in Michigan, because it’s been her home for 40 years. For the past 8 years, her illness, has taken away her ability to feed herself. She lost her freedom to move and it has taken its toll. Feeling useless, had made her depressed. The only cure is to shower her with a lot of #love tell her how much she is #appreciate by everyone and that she is the center of our universe. Everyday is a #blessing . She smiled when she realized this #truth.

1,189 | 128 days ago | 9

It’s a #happyday this #fridaythe13th because here in Thailand, it’s also our New Years. To my senior citizen yoga group, thank you for inviting my mom out to receive and give blessings with caring and loving group of friends. #sharethelove #happysongkran #happymom #songkran2018

1,258 | 134 days ago | 14

Taking my job as #fruitninja very seriously 🥑🍑🥝🍠Thanks Putt for making this pumpkin custard for me to murder this afternoon 🤪😂😆 it did not die in vain. #happysatutday #goofball

2,047 | 136 days ago | 17

Yesterday... all my troubles seems so far away. #throwback #praewmag

1,351 | 140 days ago | 13

Happy #sunday from mom and me. #happymom #happyday

807 | 143 days ago | 6

When the base and core is not aligned, #headstand becomes the leaning tower of Pisa. #yogabypop

635 | 156 days ago | 14

Grow balls when it comes to showing your bravery ain’t the way to go, thank you 96-year-old comedian Betty White for allowing me to laugh at this crazy mad world where money, power, entitlement and #noshame rules #justice #dontbeadick

840 | 156 days ago | 5

Smashing a tennis ball is my way of getting out the deep frustration of meeting negative energy. Smashing a fuzzy ball is better than smashing a face 🤨, sometimes I’m in that #mood #attitude and I need to #letitgo. When I’m done with this basket, I can smile that I survived the emotional storm in my head. #tennis #goodmorning

1,002 | 161 days ago | 8

Original post that was removed. Can I seriously ask will I be censored again if my black line is too thin and if you zoom in, You can 👀 the small dot of the nipples. Will you find reasons to uphold the morals of the United States of free speech, whatever that means. #fascism #censorship

351 | 161 days ago | 7

I just got censor for showing an old vintage photo without self censorship. One thing about censorship, it only highlight how #backward #narrowminded the board of #Instagram #censored are. Seriously?! Why aren’t men’s nipples censored?! #doublestandard 🤭🤐💩 #bs #freethenipplescampaign

1,141 | 162 days ago | 4

#throwback when Pa and I had a lot of hair. #daddysgirl thank you @piacherchristensen for sending this to me. So many moons ago, I have no idea when 🤔

371 | 166 days ago | 7

Latté had a #makeover today. Thank you Mint, you gave me a new dog. 🐶 #lattethedog