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288 | 3 days ago | 13

Take a moment to connect with yourself through breath work, Take a moment to appreciate all that you have, Write down how you’re feeling right now, Thank yourself for being strong, because you are doing your very best. Hope life is treating you all like a king/Queen. Sending copious amount of love to those reading this 🦋💕👽

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243 | 22 days ago | 2

Who’s a good boy

1,090 | 23 days ago | 17

Fusion baby P.s. thank you @zoe.monfils for lending me a dress i never gave back. I love you na

737 | 24 days ago | 12

Haven’t dressed up in a while and boyyyy does it feel delicious

996 | 38 days ago | 85

21 years around the sun baby! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes 💫🧡🧡🧡

1,297 | 43 days ago | 28

I've noticed how when im not fully acting as how my higher self would, things would start to ripple in my life. We sometimes drift off track but somehow the magic gets us back on track when the time is right. We often beat ourselves up about it, about why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. what ive come to learn is that by going through those challenges its allowing us to grow stronger and stronger so we become the BEST version of ourselves. Thats life right? Getting to know more about yourself, learning more about Youuuuuu, both the light and the shadow side then being able to work with it then slayinggggg your world baby. The journey of self discovery ahhhh Its pretty exciting 🌈 Theres a lot happening around the world, i sure feel the weight of it, as most of you probably do too in your own way. What im trying to say it that we all wobble sometimes but its YOUR choice if you want to live life to the absolute fullest and live a high life filed with love and abundance, its SO possible, the ONLY thing that mighy br stopping you from achieving this is your thoughts/ego. Let them go and just go with the flow baby! Sending so much love and light your way 🌈🧡🧡🧡💜👽💫

1,902 | 46 days ago | 36

Its that time of year again, freaking mercury retrograde (allllthe bloody planets in retrograde) got me spiraling.. when you feel a bunch of emotions collecting its a littleeeeeee much universe. Maybe take it down a notch? Anyways, theres always a good in every situation, you just have to breathe and go search for what it might be teaching you.

517 | 48 days ago | 3

Thank you so much @gleansalad Your salads are so DELICIOUS!! Craving pizza but trying to get healthy? Well they have a salad that tastes like PIZZA!!!! so yummy SO GOOD! Go check them out 🧡🌈💫

153 | 50 days ago | 0

Ive been using this product for the longest time and i can say that it has done WONDERS to my skin. Not only does it give me a dewy glow, it also has refreshing aroma to it. It helps with spots, wrinkles, sunspots, and give you a glowy look. AND THE BEST THING IS ITS ALL NATURAL BABY! ฟื้นฟูผิว ลดริ้วรอย และสิว ฝ้า

1,306 | 50 days ago | 23

I can't get over how we lowkey look alike Thank you so much @peacebysilsupa_official for this beautiful fitted dress 🧡🥰🥰

704 | 50 days ago | 1

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473 | 53 days ago | 2

Take me backkkk pleaseeeeee I miss getting lost in the beauty of mumma nature

593 | 54 days ago | 13

If your dogs need love and attention, feel free to contact me.

1,604 | 54 days ago | 22

What a team! Had a blast so incredibly grateful!! Whoohooo thats a wrap

1,511 | 54 days ago | 41

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445 | 55 days ago | 6

Connect your mind, body, and spirit to give you the extra good good in your journey. We often forget to give ourselves the love and affection we need, its so important to take good care of YOU. BABY if you aint feeling okay, if you're not vibing high high high , if you can feel stagnant energy in your life its time to take a step back, breathe and connect with your beautiful self. We all go off track from time to time but if you remember to get back on track then everything will be alright. Trust whatever comes your way is meant to go your way naaaaa no regrets ✌🏻 sending lots of loving your way. Hugs and kisses for days xoxo 🌈🧡💫🧚🏻‍♀️

1,707 | 56 days ago | 54

Thank you so much @peacebysilsupa_official for this BEAUTIFUL dress 🥰🥰

905 | 59 days ago | 13

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1,345 | 60 days ago | 21

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1,175 | 62 days ago | 18

A splash of sass never hurt

915 | 62 days ago | 9

You show me you, and ill show you me.

1,393 | 63 days ago | 28

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