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Thai/French 1993 Twitter: phan_pagniez Facebook: Phan Pagniez ฟาล ปารเนียส official For WORK (only) contact via email: phanpagniez@gmail.com
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1,943 | 62 days ago | 18

I work in productions which means i get to be walking around cool sets alot.

4,030 | 142 days ago | 32

Quality time with the pup.

4,093 | 175 days ago | 54

Thanks for all your question lets end it with a lift selfie update post showing where my heart truly lies.

4,584 | 231 days ago | 27

Every once in a while you see something that makes you go "Oh Dang". This was that moment for me.

2,621 | 240 days ago | 16

Don't know what makes a landscape much more majestic to me... I seem to enjoy these in France more than in Thailand. Is it the actual thing or the fact that it's cold outside which makes a really nice day for a stroll?

3,948 | 258 days ago | 24

*insert deep new year 2020 quote here*

10,941 | 282 days ago | 294

For those who miss the show, catch it a second time or maybe for the very first time on Netflix! #princesshoursthailand #netflix

697 | 297 days ago | 9

nanchucks and silat training for a fun side project with Unicorn stunts https://youtu.be/rsJT_OwRXU0

5,793 | 302 days ago | 176

Some of you might already know, but for the ones who don't my real name is actually Stephane. Phan Pagniez was my stage name, and since you might have already noticed, I'm not that active on social media anymore. That's because I have officially retired as an actor, hence the sudden change in name of this account. It took some time to come to terms with the fact that i left a chapter which was such a big part of my life behind and as you can see I'm not the same man as I used to be 3 years ago when I played my last role in Princess Hours Thailand as Nakhun. I have a job, my hair is long, etc... but I am happy. All in all, this instagram is turning into a personal account, not a "celebrity" instagram account anymore. So no hard feelings for the ones whom follow me for my acting content and wish to unfollow. Your support all these years meant alot to me and I will forever cherish this experience... otherwise you are free to stay but yeah... not much going on anymore haha. Again, thank you everyone for your support, thanks to everyone who have helped me over the years and for the opportunities you have given me, I will be forever grateful. And who knows what the future holds... maybe one day, I'll find myself in front of the camera once more?... I highly doubt it. Seasons change, so do people. Let the new chapter begin!

994 | 347 days ago | 18

Little fun with unicorn stunts stay tuned for part 2

4,670 | 359 days ago | 22

The Dark Side of Martial Arts No matter how you want to sugarcoat it, all Martial Arts were designed for the purpose of control through various levels of violence. Inevitably, this “control through violence” often attracts people with insecurities and other forms of deep seeded suffering, because it is such a good tool for protecting one’s Ego Mask through acts of domination and violence. Anger, and the desire to hurt others because of their intrinsic hurt, is often disguised as the virtue of “justice” when really it is an excuse for revenge, displacement and transference. And the more the person trains, the more this Ego Mask is reinforced until the person no longer sees his real self but perpetually spiral deeper into anger and self destruction. Any threat to their Ego Mask delusion (including this post) results in anger, disgust, rejection and condemnation. Of course, not all Martial Artists are self deluded, some of my Martial Art Brothers and Sisters are the most compassionate and enlightened people I have met; but you have to agree there are some real assholes amongst us. We cannot be true Martial Artists without knowing ourselves. We have to always self examine to avoid turning into just a thug who can punch hard. TLDR: Fmma seeks to find back the balance in our lives that we lose in this material world. We accept students who are seeking themselves, knowledge and most of all contribution to humanity. Every club or dojo seeks more students but we only take in maximum 35 students per year to keep the standards of the members high and part of a rare lineage from HK. We regularly let go the uncommitted students who are 1 month wonders for a reason to keep the morale and skills of the dojo strong. If you are seeking this challenge call me (0926835686) to arrange a chat. Learn Red Boat Wingchun and silat now to begin a new chapter of your life in our traditional Dojo. I am shifu Patrick. One of the original IP Man movies fight choreographer in HK, and the

8,103 | 442 days ago | 93

Seen "Malee My Best Friend Extraordinaire" on Netflix yet? https://www.netflix.com/title/81059495?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp #volgjouhart #maleetheseries

6,802 | 470 days ago | 85

I'm always sleepy... When I lie down on this couch. Cr. @ja.dey for the pic! ♡

5,812 | 501 days ago | 55

Construction worker needed!

6,170 | 585 days ago | 68

Update: hair got longer, I gained weight (yes the bad kind), mask still on (because pollution is still a thing), lift selfie (still the same), I'm almost 26 (time flies faster)

8,902 | 588 days ago | 45

I haven't seen her in six months and suddenly she grew 10cm taller! Obviously I'm talking about my sister, my mum reached her peaks years ago!

6,746 | 653 days ago | 60

Freakin' love my deku shirt! Thanks @kaijusixtysix for your awesome stuff and this amazing cosplayer @armored_idiot who told me where to get this badboy! #kaijusixtysix #bokunoheroacademia

5,185 | 655 days ago | 19

I hang out with giants. #theweeknd concert was amazing! #imtheaverageheight #theyjusttallaf #ishouldhavekneeled

15,395 | 663 days ago | 182

กลับมาอีกครั้งกับปรากฏการณ์จิ้นฟินเว่อร์!! จิกหมอนไปกับ 2 ซีรีส์รีเมคอันโด่งดังจากประเทศเกาหลี ฟินกันยาวๆ ทางหน้าจอทรูโฟร์ยู ช่อง 24 ▶ "KISS ME รักล้นใจนายแกล้งจุ๊บ" ทุกวันอังคาร 20:30 น. ▶ “Princess Hours Thailand รักวุ่นๆ เจ้าหญิงจอมจุ้น” ทุกวันจันทร์-อังคาร เวลา 22:00 น. #รักล้นใจนายแกล้งจุ๊บ #PrincesshoursThailand #True4U #ทรูโฟร์ยูช่อง24#haloproductions #halo_entertainment #kissme_thailand #princesshoursthailand

945 | 669 days ago | 4

GG War เริ่มออนแอร์วันนี้ Ep. แรกนะครับ เวลา 17.00น. อย่าพลาดที่ LINE TV #GGWar #LINETV

663 | 675 days ago | 8

Don't miss out GG war, a game show for gamers! With yours and truly special guest: me ;) Link>> https://tv.line.me/v/4440898?openExternalBrowser=true #GGWar #LINETV

1,440 | 694 days ago | 27

Crisis situation training! Emergency situations course 5 hours only 1500thb, sign up today only 1000thb. Learn how to handle or react to the following crisis situations A. Hostage B. Terror attack C. Open shooting D. Knife attacks E. Robbery F. Home invasion G. Rape H. Learn the POODA SYSTEM. Call 0926935686 to book now. Located in Huay Khwang near mrt suttisarn. From 14 yrs upwards to mature adults. Taught in english, french and thai. @fmma_bangkok Join us

3,804 | 697 days ago | 40

When the sky decided to be all #kiminonawa #yourname

6,364 | 715 days ago | 51

I am a martial artist. Join me. #fmmabangkok #wingchun #silat #qigong #taichi #shaolin Free trial class for everyone to discover yourself. Call 0926835686. Fmma bangkok home for the advanced actors fight scenes. Wing Chun is close-range and very aggressive, it has been based on reality, not restricted or competition based martial arts. 2800thb per month for fight scenes movie training, after 1 year course and certification from hk, get an action video reel.

1,632 | 753 days ago | 27

Lap sao drill @fmma_bangkok for building structure and relaxation :p

2,305 | 758 days ago | 50

We train hard and treat girls equally! No holding ourselves back. That's how we progress! @tingstone

2,429 | 759 days ago | 89

Pak sao over under drill with @awesomeanyway . Can you do it? #paksaochallenge

2,671 | 759 days ago | 52

Tan sao drill for building structure @fmma_bangkok with @tingstone

1,827 | 791 days ago | 27

Quick and fun choreography today