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One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm...for this too shall pass🎋
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369 | 508 days ago | 2

Drinking in the lushes water mist that hit our face from our hike this Monday morning #hike #waterfall #chiangmai

147 | 509 days ago | 7

Finally went to check out the best dimsum place in town, but I came late in the day @chang_cafe88 and they ran out😬...@dr_danai ordered my favorites and when I tasted the ราดหน้าเส้นกรอบ... it taste like something I had before and it was from Chef ตุ๊ who once worked for the Chinese restaurant at Shanghai Hotel in Bangkok for ten years before moving here ... ahhhh...crispy bouncy noodles stir-fried with the perfect crunch...I am so not low-carbs today and it feels good to just indulge really good #chinesefood in #Chiangmai #happysunday

594 | 510 days ago | 6

Wanna a Chunky Monkey🐒 ...it’s a chocolate & banana, peanut butter smoothie goodness I indulged for brunch today #goodfood #chiangmai

533 | 511 days ago | 8

#imgroot 🌱 this is how I’m entertaining myself in #chiangmai good food, good friends and good greens... #staygold #gogreen #tengokudecuisine #theperfecthighpodcast 🤟🏼😎#happyfriday

242 | 517 days ago | 6

Proudly present not just a podcast but a movement 🌱@theperfecthighpodcast ...I had so much fun connecting with Sandy, Toffy and Bo during their episode 3 podcast... what fun, smart, creative and kind crowd I hang out with 🥰😎 we party together until last night before Bo and Tiffy head back to Bangkok today #cannabis #theperfecthighpodcast @theherbalcare.th

360 | 519 days ago | 6

My drug of choice...caffeine and cannabis... ( and exercise benefit of serotonin too ) ... one for morning and one for night... along the way made new friends who are on the same healing path of balance🌱😌👍🏽 @theperfecthighpodcast

529 | 521 days ago | 13

Beyond happy to just get sweaty hitting a fuzzy yellow ball around, after that dinner in the park because I can 😌#Chiangmai #tennis

1,991 | 527 days ago | 37

I’ve kept my sanity during this lockdown by having a morning routine that started last night with a 20-minute meditation before going to sleep at 10:30 pm...up by 6am, morning bathroom run and out the door before the sun got too hot... since the power that be closed all my public parks and botanical garden, I’ve turn to mountain trails and University grounds to keep me connected to the ‘Real World’...the green natural world 🌳🌿#gogreen #morningrun #chiangmai #chiangmaiuniversity #angkaew

803 | 528 days ago | 5

⛰Hiked up Doi Suthep with Nee because we can... saw the trees cut down through the old trail so electricity can reach the top... hello soil erosion and abandon cables scrattered about🙁...when we finally reached the main curving road🏞, I hitch-hike 👍🏽to the first pickup truck to ask for a ride down...thank you kind stranger ☺️ #chiangmai #doisuthep #hiking #hikingadventures #hitchhiking #treehugger 🌿🌳🍃🌲🌱

328 | 528 days ago | 9

August 24, 2021 - I have been happily stuck in #Chiangmai for 12 weeks when I ran into @luvontop he was heading back to Bangkok after his run and told me the lockdown in Bangkok is heavy... 9pm empty streets, no public parks are open, no seating allowed in restaurants... for someone who likes to keep healthy by being outdoors and breathing clean air and drinking good #coffee 😎 It is best to not go back yet. After my morning run today, i am enjoying my 50baht macchiato cuppa at #akhaamacoffee 👌🏽 #coffeetime

1,092 | 530 days ago | 7

Good morning on a #sunday #coffee tour in an empty space during a pandemic... usually #graphcoffee is full of hipsters taking photos and pretending they’re in a Contemporary museum... today I get to do that with no one here... I’m here to support the local economy and cheer on the hipster in all of us😎#coffeetime #coffeeshopvibes #chiangmai #chiangmaicafe

139 | 538 days ago | 2

#yesterday was Friday the 13th and so much shadow and light in a day ... lost a dear kind friend, Bob... and felt sad and in darkness for a while when we put up new art up by @singthong168 🙌🏽...in memories of all the bright lights in the darkness of existence... death is not the end and life is not the beginning #be #light

318 | 540 days ago | 4

Today in Thailand it’s Mother’s Day, she is not here anymore, so today I added myself to @chiangmaimarisa clan @ginnys.kitchen ... a day of good food, good company and a two-month-old puppy Som-O to cuddle has made it a #good day ☺️

178 | 541 days ago | 5

We travel... not to escape life but for life not to escape us @playworks.cm #cafe #coffeeshop #chiangmaicafe #vintage #vintagestyle #coffeeculture

303 | 543 days ago | 6

My Slice of Pai always feel like a homecoming when friends just wants to feed me with home cooking and give me a big warm hug ☺️...#goodfood #custardapple #goodfriends #goodlife #pai #sliceofpai

991 | 543 days ago | 5

August 8th 2021- welcome back to #pai after being here six weeks ago on my birthday... it’s now @paisiam1979 🥳 birthday... this afternoon walked through the valley of the GMO corn sprayed with herbicide ☠️ to visit an old friends to share some laughter after many months of isolation...good friends and laughter is also good medicine 😌

849 | 545 days ago | 23

Looking back at #yesterday... actually many moons ago when it was written in my ‘whitening cream’ modeling contract to stay out of the sun🌞... because the worse thing is in Thailand is to be called ดำ🌚...I would protest at every encounter from taxi drivers to any Thais who does not understand that I like my Vitamin D and I like to run, play and swim outdoors... In Michigan growing up I played 🎾tennis everyday in the hot summer sun and I felt strong and proud that I could be tanner than my white friends going into tanning booths to look less pale. I have been living in an agriculture base economy where looking like a tan farmer’s daughter means being “lower class” ☹️😖... so being constantly judged by the color of your skin is a common thing🎱 ... but I never got use to that part of the culture. And because I got lucrative modeling contracts to keep ‘white’ , I gave up playing tennis for many years... I still rebelled and went outside and if you look at my dark arms in the modeling photos, that’s the real me waiting to come out and be free ... during this time of the pandemic, one of the best way to increase your immunity is to get some Vitamin D produced mostly from the sun, so break the stigma and go get healthy #health #healthiswealth ... go get dark 😎

482 | 546 days ago | 11

Cheers to you @torthanit you have a good eye for design 😉 that has made @thebaristro top notch in #coffeeculture design in #Chiangmai #chiangmaicafe scene 😎 #coffeeshop #coffee I think I like your recommendation and am a fan of your #americanobeer

393 | 547 days ago | 3

There are so many #coffeeshop in #chiangmai that’s so cool and chic and #tomatoecafe almost tease me to go inside to take pictures🙌🏽 Industrial loft inside and Japanese matcha-tea garden outside #coffeeshopvibes #chiangmaicoffeeshop #cafe

1,259 | 548 days ago | 44

How about a hamburger with truffle cream running through my fingers as I try to take a bite that is more than I can handle at #burgerbox2 for lunch 😲 ... this ain’t no ordinary burger stand when there’s a handsome Italian owner behind the counter giving me Parmesan and chives fries for me to try...thank you เต่า and Davide, I am really full now😉 #hamburger #chiangmai #chiangmaifood #chiangmaiburgers

2,029 | 549 days ago | 58

When I was a spokesmodel for L’Oreal for many years I had to say the slogan “Because You’re Worth It” countless of times...now that I am #fabulousat50 (I fully embrace being born in 1971). #selflove is #selfcare ...I take care of myself. I am conscious of my body and mind... I aim for a full 8-hours of sleep every night...I move everyday, play everyday, I enjoy good food and good company and I want a fulfilling awaken life... It starts by believing “you’re worth it” you are worthy of love, care and joy☺️

310 | 550 days ago | 2

One of the oldest #japanesefood in #Chiangmai is Kitchen Hush for really #fresh #sushi #sashimi ... expect authentic Japanese home cooking with traditional flavor because it’s owned and run by a Japanese chef who has lived in Chiang Mai for more than 20 years 🍣Open mainly for dinner from 6-9pm (closed on Wed.) I didn’t make a reservation but we came early and it filled up with 3 families that did reserve seats...so happy that they are doing well during this pandemic, it was worth the trip to eat quality food 🎋🍤🍱👌🏼#kitchenhush

819 | 551 days ago | 9

🎋August 1st 2021 - happily stuck in #Chiangmai for two months now... I love the freedom I have to find open space, discover beautiful places and know I am blessed to see it all #happysunday 🌞🌾

4,223 | 552 days ago | 50

July 31, 2021 🐂 - Happy Birthday to my one and only #brother 😌เป้... #mymompatumwan pride and joy will always be her children...I am #blessed to have a family filled with #love and a childhood filled with adventure, fun and support...thank you Pae for being my brother, and my family... we will walk through life together with all the love that mom and dad taught us to have for each other because we are #family #brothersister #brothersisterlove 🥰

594 | 695 days ago | 8

Life in #bangkok and my life lessons for the day - do I really need another pair of shades😎 the vegetarian Swedish meatless balls at IKEA isn’t bad, tried the mango ice cream with the Americano isn’t bad either🧐Sunrise Taco has good tacos😋 what’s the deep meaning behind Beer Chang’s Logo😏 when I miss chiang mai I go eat a bowl of ข้าวสวย chicken-curry in noodles and when I want to feel #love I go to a class full of smiling students #sala_areeya and I feel relax, respected, welcome, safe and at peace in this big empty city of angels 😈💩🤑😷🤐😱😇

650 | 699 days ago | 10

Now at #sala_areeya and enjoying the blossoming of the purple and white flowering tree above my #mymompatumwan suppose to be bedroom...she would have loved the garden and the falling peddles like spring snow sending #blessing and #gratitude with #sunshine and air that i can #breathe ... I am #home #homesweethome #happysaturday

219 | 701 days ago | 4

Back in my hood 🤟🏼#sammakornvillage after migrating like a bird without a home to find #cleanair to #breathe...#Bangkok is cleaner than Chiang Mai😱...then at 8am next door the construction started😖😫 ข้างบ้านต่อเสาเข็ม😟 The constant pounding was giving Latté anxiety and it was high decimal noise pollution that make the living situation unbearable🤯...hmmmm, what is plan B (if I still want to continue our yoga by the lake community... ) today I went to check up on P’Sam awareness practice. After my morning walk I had a 40 baht breakfast. Missing a little piece of Chiangmai, I walked across the street to my favorite #greentea #cafe #feelslikehome 🍵

478 | 702 days ago | 10

It’s time to head back to Bangkok because #chiangmai has the worse air pollution in the world☹️ I couldn’t go running outside without getting watery eyes and an itchy throat, it’s not the Covid that’s killing me, it’s the smoke covering the mountains from the burning😷 All I can do is go get an amazing head massage and wash the dust off me before heading back to the lesser of two polluted cities 🤧👿☠️ I really will miss Chiang Mai, where else can you go to New York( hair salon) for quality haircut and then finish off the day with perfectly crispy and tender snow fish in a bed of spinach and baby clams with garlic bread at a high-end French Bistro by Chef Aod in his home at a very affordable price... value for money, this hillside town in Northern Thailand is a paradise... minus the pollution please😒

546 | 703 days ago | 4

☕️It’s time for a afternoon cuppa #coffee in a beautiful modern #space at #graincafe ...because life is too short not to drink good coffee in a beautiful place 😉 #coffeetime #chiangmai #chiangmaicafe

700 | 705 days ago | 6

When the tourists are away, the locals will play🤪😂 #chiangmai #chiangmaicafe with @joopmom and @sompordeekrajeab 😎pop-joop-jim 😏😜🤣

889 | 705 days ago | 20

February 28, 2021 #happysunday May your inner light shine bright #joy #love #feelslikehome

873 | 707 days ago | 9

ขอไข่เจียวฟูฟูหน่อยค่ะ 😁 An Ode to the deep-fried crispy Thai #omelette which goes so well with every spicy curry dish lunch and my favorite เค้าต้มกุ๋ย rice-porridge dinner 🥰 #thaifood

480 | 709 days ago | 11

Guilty pleasure for all yogini is a spa indulgence for feet and hands🦵🏼🙌🏽🦶🏼I finally tried and highly recommend the best I’ve ever had 🥰Oh My...the pleasure of an organic cream massage and mask for my dry legs and the manicure with glow-in-dark 😳gel nail polish that put me in my #happy place when I look at my finally clean fingers and toes. Now I can do yoga with a smile on my face 😏 #nailspa #pamper #sixnaturesorganicnailspa #indulge #pamperyourself #bliss #feetmassage #manicure #pedicure

990 | 712 days ago | 20

Self-respect is self-care and self #love☺️ so I’m going to enjoy all the little things that makes my life beautiful, and ignore all the external noise that makes me doubt myself and my choices... I choose #joy #healthiswealth and #freedom to be without anxiety and fear of the unknown and other people’s expectation of how I should be 😛 #lifeisgood #lifeisbeautiful #happysunday

330 | 714 days ago | 1

🍾Champagne breakfast in a chic cafe in #chiangmai anyone🥂 🥰 Whenever I feel a need to go to Europe during a pandemic, I stop my friend Nueng’s cafe Du, he opened his newly renovated townhouse to hangout with old and new friends who are already absolutely fabulous😎not only is his #coffee flavorful and fruity, he also has great taste in decor like an original Picasso art work😯 he has hanging at the front...so who needs Chic French #cafe when I can go across the street to ศิริมังคลาจารย์ soi 13 for my bread, butter and #coffee I can enjoy with my bubbly😉

1,139 | 716 days ago | 9

Found my new favorite hangout where I can kick off my shoes and enjoy a beautiful day with fresh food prepared with #love and made in an extraordinary way like ant’s egg soup (my first time eating it 🙈 ) that was actually very flavorful with herbs and spice🐜🐜🐜 and here’s something I’ve never seen done before, black-ink pasta KowSoy Noodles 🍜 The main idea came from Jam, who’s an architech who once overlooked the ‘Royal Project Mon Cham’ (that still has his name in Mae Rim) this new project is called ‘Nern Jam Sai’ #เนินแจ่มใส (literal translation ‘happy hills’🥰) just opened and it’s located in Mae Tang. You can expect high quality orangic grown rice and flowers, herbs and vegetables that are picked and prepared into the food daily🥕🥑🥒🌶🌽🥬🍋🥥🥦 my personal favorite is their fresh herbal tea, drink it hot and take a deep breathe from the cool mountain breeze and just feel #blessed that #lifeisgood ☺️ #chiangmai #food #farmtotable #organicfarming #organicfood #nernjamsai #เนินแจ่มใส

1,247 | 717 days ago | 10

🥰หาต้องนานดีใจหาน้องแจมสถาปนิกที่ดูแลโครงการหลวงมาก่อนบนม่อนแจ่มย้ายมาอยู่ที่แม่แตงในหุบเขา ดอกไม้ทำกับข้าวอร่อยมากขอแนะนำมาเล่นเที่ยวที่เนินแจ่มใสแล้วมาลองกินอาหารไม่เหมือนใครมีโปรชีทจิ้มกับผักสดแล้วเพียงคำใช้ผักทีเด็ด มาจากสวนผักที่ปลูกเอง ทำแกงไทยรสชาติหวานแล้วสดชอบใจ😊 #farmtotable #organicgardening #fresh #food #nature #foodie #เนินแจ่มใส #nernjamsai

1,876 | 718 days ago | 25

In loving memory from my mom’s passing on February 15, 2019... you are my #love #family #home and will be with me until my last breathe...

658 | 724 days ago | 8

It is written in Murphy’s Law that the day I decided to finally wash my car and get a #haircut ...of course it’s going to rain ☔️ On the bright side🌻 the smog-filled air has been cleaned out🌧❄️💧and I’ve discovered a new favorite way to warm up on a rainy day💦 Drink ginger, honey and this new favorite no sugar but-still-yummy #oakmilk I just tried and really like 👌

372 | 725 days ago | 1

Found a #toy that sparked #joy while Latté’s ate away didn’t care that I will go eat a honey-roasted chicken salad🥗 for a late lunch.

397 | 731 days ago | 4

An ode to my fierce little guard dog, yes, he is a #pomeranian but don’t tell him that, in his little mind he’s as big as the Siberian huskies next door, if given the chance he will run towards one, get bitten and go at it again🐶. Look at those staring eyes, it makes returning back to cleaner air in Chiang Mai that much harder to do. #lattethedog 🌻I also picked up new keychain friends, meet, Eloise and Simon...this is what happens when I am left alone🐾 watching too much Netflix 🐕👑🎩🤡

1,343 | 732 days ago | 22

เด็กรุ่นใหม่ต้องส่งเสริมต่อไป🤣 that crown and sash is 25 years older than 2.4 year-young Aileen, who’s practicing her crowning moment...you go girl!!! because every little girl is a princess👑 #missthailand #befierce

676 | 738 days ago | 5

Hug #chiangmai jaow🥰 ...still trying to find a reason to go back to Bangkok during a Covid pandemic hitting the capital, but the restriction has eased in this northern town. At lease the police has allow drinking #wine but limit to only 10 pm🧐🤨(the better to fine you my dear🤐) no matter, I sleep at that time and wake up at 6 am to enjoy the cool mountain air...taking a deep breathe #freshair before the burning season starts 😷

837 | 739 days ago | 7

Why do I #love coming to #chiangmai ... #goodvibes from a #goodlife 😌 The abundance of yummy food, space to roam and local artist and gallery owner อาจารย์วิชิต @vichitchaiwong who takes pride in his original work... #yougottahaveart #artgallery #art

334 | 740 days ago | 5

My cheeky #mood for the day 😏... #chiangmai #thailandonly

1,250 | 742 days ago | 17

หลังจากดื่มน้ำภูมิปัญญาขึ้นมาก็จะรักเด็กมากขึ้นเท่านั้น🤣 #ต้องรักเด็ก #ไปแอ่ว #hilltribe

955 | 742 days ago | 8

Had the most cheesiest pizza by two sisters 👯‍♂️ 18-year-old @kaosuparat and 11-year-old Roma, both girls were homeschooled in English, music and the art of pizza making by their famous musician dad พี่เอ๋ Rong Suparat... I think I’ve found my happy place, they should just adopt me, I can happily enjoy good food and good music in อำเภอจอมทอง... tonight I sleep in a home stay village of Doi Tao, but I shall return to this happy place with my new friends again. #makingfriends #pizza #cheese #music #love 🥰

983 | 744 days ago | 7

When the weight of the outside world brought me down, I return back to the source and welcome the warm embrace and all the #love you sent. #onsen #chiangmai #healing by #water #naturalspa #feelthelove

1,227 | 745 days ago | 28

January 18, 2021: acceptance of truth is one of of life’s hardest lessons

1,087 | 748 days ago | 7

Must #love #garlic 😚 I will confess I once broke up with a boy because he didn’t like garlic... his lost, not mine. #garliclover #kissmygarlicbreath #chiangmai

873 | 748 days ago | 10

To be physically strong one has be be mentally focus on practicing resilience. The cold weather and a huge sale brought me to an empty mall and I had to do my duty boosting the local economy👛...I must be getting old I don’t understand what is ‘mom fit’ - high rise and carrot leg’ ? So only women who gave birth need high waist jeans? 🧐P’Jim insist on buying me a Mr.Roger’s sweater 🤔 I teased her if she wants to buy me something, I should get a 220,000 baht Rolex like she was going to get her daughter😉 didn’t happen, she end up buying me a dusty pink newsboy cap (I am a mad-hatter 🧢) and making me a Phuket-pearl necklace after finishing up her turquoise piece😎 #chiangmai #shoppingtheraphy #workout #centralfestivalchiangmai

618 | 749 days ago | 9

🌹Rose tea and butter bun with artists. To eat well and with good company is one of life’s great pleasures ☺️ #chiangmai #teatime #localfood #goodlife

2,017 | 750 days ago | 16

Best way to warm up on a cold day, natural #onsen in a beautiful garden of Mae On 😌 #chiangmai

1,065 | 750 days ago | 9

Wish you were here🎋 after six years of creating a farmers field into a little piece of paradise between the rolling hills of Mae-On, I get to enjoy a beautiful afternoon here 😎 it’s been very cold in northern Thailand ...9C this morning, today the sun came out and the chilly wind kissed my cheeks☺️, I understand now why there’s a fireplace and heater build in the rooms #chiangmai #maeon #tengokumaeontai

944 | 751 days ago | 5

Good vibes only #maerim #chiangmai when one is welcome with open arms, laughter, home cooked meal, and beauty all around, I’m in #bliss 🥰 Even Dang, the once abused stray dog need #love #cuddle #allyouneedislove 🎋

1,458 | 753 days ago | 9

Life is beautiful #doiinthanon #chiangmai thanks @chiangmaimarisa love your new ‘Mad Max’ strong and smooth new car, just don’t tell my Latté about momma’s terrier, Ninja on my lap, he will be so jealous stuck in Bangkok. That is the reason I haven’t posted, didn’t want to have fun while everything is in lockdown. I’m just doing my job contributing to the local economy 😉

1,272 | 763 days ago | 16

Saying goodbye to 2020 and counting my blessings for the good vibes all around #sala_areeya #happynewyear2021 whatever challenge tomorrow will bring, may you be healthy and happy with what you have today🎋 #2021

1,013 | 770 days ago | 17

Forever in my memory will be #mymompatumwan smile whenever I have the fondest memory of Christmas🎄 Her birthday is on December and it gave her great joy to see bright colorful lights in the dark and ice cold winter of Michigan, she #love #Christmas so much that she never took it down only finding and adding more Snoopy and Garfield plates and toys everywhere in her home. As Buddhists, we didn’t go to church like most of our neighbors and school friends, instead #christmastime meant a celebration of no school days in our cozy home in our PJs and lots of cartoon and candy cane, I never appreciated how carefree and blissfully happy being a child of the 80s watching ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ special was🧸. This year, #christmas2020 really gave me #gratitude for #life, #love, #kindness, #connection, #community and really good people surrounding my very blessed life... even in the darkness, there is light...sending love and peace🌈🎋🕊Wishing you a very Merry Christmas🎇

1,412 | 775 days ago | 6

On the fifth day of #christmas my true #love gave to me... 5 golden rings💍?..Nayyyy better, a #christmastree for #sala_areeya , our very first! 💋 #mymompatumwan was a major #christmasdecor #lover (red/green/gold/silver everywhere in our former house in Michigan ) so in a way this is our sweet homage with bright happy colors and light for the winter pagan ritual celebrating life in #christmas2020 ( we survived and must thrive year)🥳 thank you @whatheutt 😉 I feel the #christmasspirit even in #bangkok ❤️💚❤️💚

1,180 | 777 days ago | 21

Check out Latté’s new Matcha-colored Convertible pimped-up ride... dude, can we say #spoileddog 🤨 i am having too much fun spoiling him, may need professional help soon... I’ve turned into the dog lady who talks to her dog more than humans☺️ #lovemelovemydog #dog #doglovers

853 | 780 days ago | 6

My official family portrait for #christmas 2020 🎄every time I think of #love #family it will always be #mymompatumwan smiling face, this year was my year to reconnect with my Latté, he taught me deeply that #loveisrealwhenshared and the look of connection that only those who #mustlovedogs will understand, they are not just pets, #dogs are guardian angels on four legs 🐶#doglife #doglover

2,295 | 782 days ago | 22

Found myself in the old part of town, on the Chao Phraya River on a cool night after celebrating Som and Bank’s Wedding...I heard music and I had to find out if #dancing #aerobic in a #sarong in #bangkok can be a thing😜 thank you @tomchill_doc for humoring me on 💃🏻

2,056 | 783 days ago | 17

My happy smiling Latté first road trip is to Lopburi, about 90 minutes north of Bangkok. Nestled around the mountains and trees are fields of #sunflower 🌻🌻🌻 @whatheutt papa built a country house in the past ten years and wanted us to see his labor of love ☺️คนเก็บตั๋วที่ไร่คุณปู่คือลูกหลานคุณปู่ปลูกดอกทานตะวันบนที่23 ไร่, คุณปู่เสียไปแล้วแต่ลูกหลานดังเก็บผลรับจากนักท่องเที่ยวที่ขับผ่านไม่แตกต่างจากความรักที่คุณพ่อสร้างบ้านปลูกต้นไม้ให้กับลูกแล้วกับครอบครัวเห็นความรักเบิกบานเป็นดอกไม้ต้นไม้...ชื่นใจ🌈🌞🌻

484 | 784 days ago | 3

After yoga class tonight, we went to see the new camp ground and barbecue in #sammakorn #neighborhood but the mosquitoes were eating us alive, so we went to get our favorite soup and rice a few blocks away, it was a perfect way to end a very long day #bangkok citylife, country style, all in my own backyard #hood 🤠 #james500citycampandcityfarm

792 | 786 days ago | 2

Step into Wonderland #glowinthedark #wallart #bangkok

613 | 788 days ago | 4

December 7, 2020 ...it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be mine? could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor😉 #sammakornvillage #bangkok Latté and I are having a great #Monday planning a Christmas dinner... which is just 18-days away 🎉⛄️

1,703 | 789 days ago | 9

On a beautiful cool night in #bangkok, @whatheutt brought me out to the old town, where they cleaned up the old canal and made it hip, cool and fun😉, we had to come out to play #chareonkrung #nightlife #nightout

1,602 | 789 days ago | 6

Look who’s excited to see us Latté 🤪 #dog #doglife #sammakornvillage #mustlovedogs

444 | 797 days ago | 4

Good morning from me and Latté, my moody dog, he’s giving me that look it means he wants to go for his daily walk #doglife #happysaturday

764 | 798 days ago | 10

Nov.27.2020 after Thanksgiving, we are thankful to be able to stretch and open all tight spots. Breathe. Open. Release. Let go. Repeat ... #sala_areeya #yogapractice #happyfriday

773 | 800 days ago | 15

#goodmorning starts with my Latté showing me his routine stretch on my bed... (excuse me, his bed, I’m just the caretaker🤨. ) I was feeling down that tomorrow will be #thanksgiving and I was by myself... then this little guy snapped me out of my holiday blues, memories and ghost of my past holidays 😔 and watching the world chaos from too much media got me really down, didn’t feel like celebrating, didn’t want to go out, but I was getting cabin fever, but I can’t leave... then i took a dose of Latté, my 7-year-old Pom who I have just been sleeping with full-time for two months, it’s like having a child. Latté also threw up for two nights and was having a hard time eating, that’s why I was cleaning up throw up and diarrhea at 3 am 😥😩... I so wish for more freedom to travel again, but for now I am a happy dog mom seeing Lattè happy and healthy again #lovemelovemydog

604 | 804 days ago | 7

Life with Latté evolves around his feeding, walking, pooping, sleeping, repeat 😏 and he thanked me by coming back and jumping on top of my pillow (yes, I did washed his feet, but still, he knows better, he’s just testing to see who’s the boss... he is) At least my rainy #Saturday gave me good pasta and thank you for dropping off your Burnt cheesecake creation @puiasokesupan that was creamy and rich, it was perfect with tea, it made up for a wonderful day, even with my Latté ☺️ #saturdayvibes

735 | 810 days ago | 8

My #beautiful #brunch of #homemade #tomatoesauce #pesto and #bread baked to golden crust, lathered on nicely thick with my beloved #bluecheese, #rocket and drizzle of creamy basmamic truffle and this creation, made possible by Chef Mike (inspired by ChefJohn of foodwishes) is even better when washed down with a good Merlot... #happysunday #lifeisbeautiful

407 | 813 days ago | 4

#aboutlastnight after a crazy week of staying home watching 2020 Presidential election and praying, I am ready to drink bubbly, and reclaim YMCA back 🕺🏻💃🏻💋💄🤙🏼

2,836 | 813 days ago | 30

Date night with @whatheutt 😙

657 | 818 days ago | 20

Finally there is hope in the darkness, Thank you #Michigan for flipping #election2020

1,533 | 822 days ago | 15

#coffee break in the village with my @whatheutt #morethanfeelings (really, that’s the name of the coffeehouse, no pun intended 😜) as we try out the newest coffee shop that just open. But why stop at one coffee shop... #duckyou when you can really wake up with two shots of good friends and good coffee #café #cafehoppingbkk

836 | 826 days ago | 7

Philosophy...is a smile on a dog🎃👻 happiness is fresh homemade #pizza bread fresh from the oven ☺️ then this morning, Lattè went for his morning walk and came back to sit on my pillow ... who’s your master now? 🤨 #happyfriday

214 | 834 days ago | 4

#aboutlastnight I spy with my little eye...a red-faced too much beetle juice drinking guy, anyone know him @whatheutt 🤪🧐 and @josephteohxoxo, this is not a farewell dinner for you to return home to your dad in Penang... this is, everyone of your Bangkok circle of friends coming together to tell you that you will be missed...we will see you again soon my friend, safe journey 🌼🌺🎋🍂🌱

631 | 836 days ago | 5

My fur-ball of #love... he gets up to be by my side when I’m on the toilet, and then goes to sleep on top of my pillow🙄... #mustlovedogs

1,084 | 837 days ago | 9

chilly day after weeks of rain deserves warm #chailatte and chocolate carrot cake with good company and good conversation on a cloudy chilly day 🍵🥮 and later come home to this little fur ball of love, Latté my crazy moody Pom.

4,494 | 837 days ago | 26

#Sunday in the hood after constant continuous rain every day and I see this ray of sunshine @whatheutt today... yes, he loves to be a #swinger and hang out 😉 in my playground at #sala_areeya

1,317 | 845 days ago | 8

Hanging out with the boys ... #lunch #salad #gogreen so nice to share a good meal with friends who bring #love #friendship #laughter when I needed it most. Love you guys @whatheutt, we will have to do this regularly @riskyriksh, because you vibrate positive energy when I feel negetivity all around, thank you for being present in my life when I needed a hug ☺️ #happysunday

607 | 850 days ago | 6

Been sad and blue since Sunday when @duenofficial my maid for the past 5 years abandon us. I do not understand her shame and guilt for leaving without even a goodbye 😕Memories of #mymompatumwan haunts my sadness of life filled more with goodbyes then hello 🍋🍋🍋#needahug ...C’est la vie

1,105 | 855 days ago | 11

October 1, 2020 at the start of the tenth month of a 🙃 year and I’m in a #hippie #chic #vibes today at #sala_areeya when I went shopping this morning and found these Indonesian #batik #sarong on sale in the morning market for 60 baht ($2.00 😳) it’s so soft and comfortable I tried them on in the toilet and got Frida ‘inspired’ native color pop selfie vibe... while @professionan had a class practicing #aerial...while Latté and my brother and dad came to have lunch after class, I did buy food after all😏 #shopping #therapy when a $2 find made my day, I had to share 😉

320 | 857 days ago | 2

Indulgence in #cheese and #wine with this ‘bad boy’ @dr.danaiclinic on a whole year of ‘cheat day’... why not😏🍇🧀🍷and who can say no to #truffle #crab filled pasta in #garlic, warm toasted bread with blue-cheese and a touch of honey🥰 and washed down with this grape juice after a long day of cleaning my ant-infested room, I deserve a cheat day😉 #cheeseplease #carbs #foodporn

624 | 859 days ago | 2

What to do on a #Sunday is to make it a #funday 😎 didn’t even leave the hood #sammakornvillage today 😜When @khemonly picked me up to go across the pond to the hipster market across from #sala_areeya I went to have ขนมจีนแกงไตปลา noodles and dance around to digest, Latté ran back when he heard my brother drove in...I am just the sidekick today🍋😜

592 | 859 days ago | 20

Finding oneself in the #vintage section of a used #bookstore while shopping is sort of bitter sweet 🧐🤓 Has it really been 20 years since my first collection of essays that was made into a best selling book of more than 250,000 copies printed and sold for 125 baht, do the math...it was a lot. I remember listening to two girls picking up a copy when it came out and saying, “I didn’t know Miss Thailand can write...” I usually don’t answer but back then was just 28 and I was a journalism major at Michigan State who had works published before the pageant. So I said to them, “I’m actually a writer first, before all that fame thing, but you don’t know that because the fame thing is more marketed than my other abilities...” I’m still in awe of my energy and drive and ambition to create and take notes of my adventure and make it into books, documentary films and now turning more internal and observing student all the time, and being a part-time teacher. I’m still writing, it just sharing the highlight of my adventure in a new formate. The bitter sweet is that books are old vintage things of the past I still value as an old friend. One day, I will be forgotten like what #lattèthedog just did, past me by when my brother is inside 🙄😉😜 #happysunday #yesterday #book #booklover

1,423 | 860 days ago | 13

#Saturday #farmersmarket in #bangkok 🥥🥦🥑🍆🍎🍉🍌🥬🍠🍋🥭🍇 while I start my day with this home cooked 🐟 ข้าวต้มปลากระพง fish soup broth in rice, garlic and fresh herbs in someone’s front porch next to the ตลาดนัดเช้าที่สหกรณ์ morning market (breakfast cost: 50 baht or $1.50) This is a land of abundance with fresh whole food prepared with flavor and zest. My favorite find are these Chinese Kale, they are my favorite veggie. When I was a teenager my dad and I would have a daughter and dad weekend date to the Chinese restaurant in downtown Royal Oaks, Michigan and have these dark green crunchie sweet stalks steamed in oyster sauce, back then #mymompatumwan was working weekend at GM, so it was dad and I secret sneaking off for a $12 family portion of Chinese Kale, it’s easily more expensive than a steak...here in this market Chinese Kale sell for 30¢/ 100gram #ilovethailand #goodmorning

1,362 | 862 days ago | 9

Fresh #coconut cracked open by my dear old #dad while we celebrate with #mymompatumwan of finally living at the lakehouse for two months now #cheers (with fresh coconut) and my goodness we are blessed with abundance of really affordable fruits here in #thailand 🌴🌾Dad gain 3 kg with too much Durian, nuts and Longkong everyday for 2 weeks now...I am asked to buy low caloric fruit like the Guava, Orange, Persimon and Dad’s all time favorite these really meaty high Magnesium, full- body Thai chubby banana 🍌#dadlife #daddysgirl

511 | 863 days ago | 3

At home with my #dad for 13 days and we’ve survived because I’m feeding him a lot of durian and nuts and getting him fat 😇... just last year I was on my way to San Francisco to celebrate Marisa’s @chiangmaimarisa birthday, this year she’s in Samui and I am #home with dad with my room with a view and now an amazingly strong teacher @professionan at #sala_areeya to enjoy the playground too😎

503 | 865 days ago | 2

Welcoming @professionan to #sala_areeya #playground as a private aerial teacher 👏 kru nan is also training in Cross-Fit, Dance and Pilates. I like her strength and discipline, and she’s a lot of fun 💪🏽 to hangout with. Today after hanging up her new toys, we went across the lake for P’Kai ‘stylist’s market’ to meet up with the absolutely fabulous friends in the hood. #happysunday #sammakornvillage #aerialsilks #aerial #aerialist

577 | 867 days ago | 4

On a rainy #fridaynight I took a taxi out so I didn’t have to drive with the expectation of drinking and toasting the BIG 50 for @dr._kawinch birthday party 🥳 to your health P’Note #happybirthday and so nice to see you again my Prius gang 🌟@modernpod @stampapiwat 🥰

213 | 867 days ago | 11

😢I cried this morning when I heard Super Hero #rbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away (1933-2020)... 2020 got even darker when the beacon of light was taken away by pancreas cancer 6 weeks before the Nov. election. Thank you for your lifetime dedication to #justice #feminism #notoriousrbg #scotus #icon #legend #rip 🙏🏼

577 | 868 days ago | 7

Latté isn’t pleased that we had #acaibowl and a big family meal together without anything for the little big boss of the house #dogsarepeopletoo not🧐 #sala_areeya thanks for a fun day moving our body and eating fresh berries, roasted toasted oats and chia seed and açaí too #makaibowls #roxythailand #bangkok

483 | 870 days ago | 2

A day in a life of Latté the happy smiling Pom when everyone he #love is all around #family #home #mymompatumwan is everywhere 😉she’s smiling through a #happydog #sala_areeya

896 | 871 days ago | 8

#breakfast of champion for my #dad is #durian #mangosteen #banana #nuts and orange juice 💪🏼 Then for lunch it’s whole grain #rice แกงไตปลา , ปลาทอดขมิ้น, ผัดยอดธนา ผัดสะตอไก่บ้าน ... this is how a daughter from Michigan feed her Southern Thai dad, his kind of soul food... I will happily get chubby cheeks eating with dad, will stay away from the durian and banana, but ผัดสะตอ was so good I had two helping of brown rice😁... dad and I will try to walk it off in the evening #home #village #villagelife #daddyslittlegirl 🌳👣🌾🥥🍌🥜🥢🥒🍠🎏🤸🏾‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

1,160 | 872 days ago | 16

Good friends, good food, good fun... even shopping at #ikea was an adventure, because I wanted the Singer sewing machine classic more than the furnitures there😁 #shopping #oldschool #coffeebreak #acaibowl #roxythailand #makaibowls

1,356 | 874 days ago | 6

#daddysgirl he drove from Trang for 14 hours in one go so he could spend time with us. It’s good to have my dad around to make my #sala_areeya feel like #home #family #reunion

1,706 | 876 days ago | 17

My first and only Lakorn I did 24 years ago with the superstar my mom was so excited to meet #birdthongchai . Looking back and being asked often what’s my ‘beauty secret’... there is no secret, everyone knows it’s sleeping well, eating well and my dad’s mantra ‘keep moving’ even at 72 years young, my dad and my friends and students keep me mentally and physically stable and active, happy and healthy because life is about consistence continuous movement of energy and focus of mind to be alive #keepmoving #befree #mentalhealth #healthylifestyle

565 | 877 days ago | 5

An Ode to a Tree... someone bought the property next door to #sala_areeya and does not like raking leaves...she has ordered that the property be cleared...pray for this majestic beauty 🌳that has given me shade and given homes to countless squirrels and birds as the biggest tree in our little soi. Anyone want a lakeside property on a quiet serene soi with a yoga studio next door and most importantly must also love trees, may I beg you to take this land and save this tree. With a BTS station coming in front of our village in 2-3 years, this land is still undervalued. And is it so much to ask the universe to send me a good kind neighbor who loves trees? #wontyoubemyneighbor #tree #treehugger 🍃🍂😔

1,940 | 878 days ago | 19

รักคือการยอมเจ็บ #mymompatumwan as far as I go, there is no place like home...her presence was my home and I will learn to walk on my own. The truth is life is a lot more difficult than death, even with all the happy highlight post on social media; behind-the-scene, we are all facing our deepest fear of walking alone without a purpose ... #resilence #truth #love

2,889 | 879 days ago | 10

Frolicking in the sun #pool #poolparty #bangkok #thailand #usatornbangkok resort in the city 😎 we are getting our Vitamin D with our bubbly

1,367 | 880 days ago | 11

#happysunday as me and @whatheutt are blissfully blessed with a resort hotel stay in the middle of #bangkok when everyone is away during this long holiday 😎#usatornbangkok is a gorgeous resort hotel in the middle of the financial district of Satorn Road that makes us feel like we are far away from the big city. #letsgetwet #pool #holiday

1,187 | 880 days ago | 8

My weekend adventure started in Khao Yai, my excitement was in finding white asparagus, last time I had these sweet stalks was in France many years ago...they are more expensive than the green ones because it takes longer to harvest. When I arrived home in Bangkok ( 4 hours of driving there, it took less than 1.5 hours coming back🤨)...guess who was waiting in front of my house...Bravo the rescue Golden and his buddy @whatheutt 😎my fun adventure continues... #farmersmarket #organic #organicgardening #whiteasperagus #khaoyaitrip

963 | 881 days ago | 13

This weekend during our long weekend break, the Tourism Authority of Thailand decided to create the first ‘Stress-Free’ Festival to boost the economy by promoting Thais to travel in their homeland😎 One of my favorite back saving move is to teach about #squats and to make it fun... if you learn how to hoover above a public toilet this way, it will give you less anxiety over germs and you’ll have strong round booties to boot😉 thanks @professionan for helping me lead a fun festival #bestrong #beflexible #healthiswealth #khaoyai #thailand #shoplocal #thai

2,603 | 882 days ago | 15

Carrot cake with lots of cream cheese, walnuts, coconuts and pretty flowers 🌺🌷🌸🌼 and with the vanilla, it taste like Christmas says the birthday boy ... #happybirthday gorgeous 🥳

1,135 | 883 days ago | 6

Happy Birthday to my one and only Uttster @whatheutt ... love you a little more than that cheese platter I’m not willing to share😉... love you babe! #happybirthday #usatornbangkok

502 | 884 days ago | 5

Happy Birthday to the woman of soul and sass @daendorphine and what a fun night dancing with all my Dancing Queens. Love you @marshairis and my best bud @whatheutt... finally we have our triple after many years of friendship via IG 😉 #party #partytime #birthday #birthdayparty #loveyou #dancingqueen

951 | 885 days ago | 14

Rainstorm, thunder and flooded street last night until 5am in #sammakornvillage First time in a blue moon I went to bed in the morning. My brain was fried😩 Yesterday found 25 snails eating up my pepper plants and basil, snail don’t like green onion but they ate up my new garden... farming isn’t as easy as it looks. Thank goodness for friends in the neighborhood to sing and translate ‘Time in a bottle’ during a rainy night when I’m done fighting the elements and just accept that the simple life ain’t simple 🧐🤨😝😚 happy birthday to all my friends born in September. Happy September 1, 2020 🥳

1,311 | 886 days ago | 18

August 31, 2020 sending cheeky #love from #Bangkok as we end this 8th month of a whirlwind turbulent year. I went out to JJ Market-minburi this past weekend because I needed to get out and make friends with the stranger things in my town ... 🧐🤠🤡👾😷👺

597 | 892 days ago | 12

6:03am sunrise from my room with a view home #sala_areeya ☺️ I am officially celebrating breaking my fear of being alone in this house I made for #mymompatumwan ...it’s taken more than a year to let go and really understand that death is not the end...I am blessed for my abundance when I look at the sky every morning to see the vast amount of space, water, wind and sky on the eastern edge of #Bangkok... it has been 28 days that I’ve been waking up to this and I don’t want to be anywhere else #goodmorning #lakeside #sunrise #nofilter

872 | 893 days ago | 5

Small humans and small dogs are cute and fun in small dosage as my trainer and friend James announced when he finally came to see my #sala_areeya when it’s properly moved in and decorated. James has been busy with a fast growing 1.3-year/month-young baby Troy in hand. Fatherhood suites him, and having Troy was the best thing for this proud papa bear who turned 32 years-old today 🥳... I will always be ป้าป๊อบ to Troy and a chill out buddy with #lattethedog 🥰 #happymonday

807 | 894 days ago | 7

Good morning from our rainy monsoon season. 6:10 am the sky change into a kaleidoscope of color after a night of rain. My buddy Mike decided to mix my clay rich soil and turn it into an organic fertilized nutrition bed (all information of how to be a gardener was search on YouTube 😉). Felt young for researching via Google...Felt old after bending over and hurting old stiff body parts😒... my smart dog Latté can’t be bothered😉. #sunrise #gardening #nofilter #sala_areeya

561 | 901 days ago | 6

Happy #sunday at our #playground by the lake #sundayfunday 😌 at #sala_areeya

585 | 903 days ago | 1

Friday morning with my #lattethedog #yoga and #coffee... it’s a beautiful chill day after a long rain storm last night. #sala_areeya #home #happyfriday 😌

433 | 905 days ago | 3

Aug.12, 2020 - วันนี้วันแม่แล้วแม่ทูนหัวของพวกเราทำขนมจีนให้ลูกลูกกินกัน😌 มีบุญจังเลยมีผู้ชาย ล้างจานให้ด้วย @whatheutt Today’s noodle party we had a hot babe washing the dishes. #thaifood #yummy #spicy #noodles

250 | 905 days ago | 2

Memories of #yesterday that made me😊

678 | 907 days ago | 8

Say #cheese ☺️ to my afternoon lunch date with this babe @whatheutt #nomwowsammakorn #toast #cafe

810 | 907 days ago | 3

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood...could you mine, won’t you be mine... please won’t you be...my neighbor. Watching Mr.Roger movie with Tom Hanks on Netflix and started crying missing my childhood. #lattethedog is not entertained by my singing but I still #love his moody face anyway 😁 #happymonday #home

1,350 | 908 days ago | 9

Baby face and baby game on a lazy #saturday at #sala_areeya 😇 don’t call the police, we’re just playing #unocards because being #home on a the weekend is a lot more fun then going out.

876 | 911 days ago | 4

เล่นโยคะที่ริมน้ำ #sala_areeya 🙃 a happy home is a fun and supportive place where we have each other’s back. #stretch #open #playground

264 | 912 days ago | 3

#Thailand national food is the #somtum ... for the daring and die hard fan, it has to have ปลาล้า, some fried bugs for protein😉 and luck me, my yoga student Ple Venus sent me her latest creation from her delivery service ... so much food I will have to share with my yoga students tonight at #sala_areeya Thank you #ตามแหลก #เปิ้ลวีนัส for my favorite spicy salad 😘

707 | 914 days ago | 11

#Dog Day afternoon...our little master of the house, #lattethedog was left with @duenofficial when I went North. He is still master and as #mymompatumwan called him, our “spoiled dog” ☺️ because he prefer to eat on the bed and hand feed 🙄, still #love him anyway, because he’s guarding his domain with his legs cross #pomeranian #dogdays

733 | 915 days ago | 3

One can only ask to be surrounded by kind, compassionate, good soul, for our spirit to grow and fly high...so nice to finally meet you @professionan, I’ve been an IG FC of yours for many years...it’s a joy to meet like minded soul who wants to give and grow☺️ #sala_areeya #yogainspiration #healthiswealth

380 | 915 days ago | 4

The beautiful open space of #maetang in Northern #thailand is perfect for yoga and a gathering of friends, will have to tag my teacher and ask to open a retreat😌@yogamindyogabody . Next to the Lisu Lodge is a community of villagers working their garden, growing herbal medicine, rice and tea...they know how to live together in serenity and peace...seeing this gives me hope in our crazy modern pandemic world. #northernthailand #lisulodge #unseenthailand #village #villagelife #ecotourism

253 | 916 days ago | 5

Happy สิงหาคม August 🐯 ... saw this antique wooden Lion at the Bridge Hotel and amazing delicious ข้าวซอยปูนิ่ม at the @betelbox_chiangmai with all the betelbox on the wall. This place across the Bridge of the MaePing River is a beautiful Southeast Asian collection of #antiques from the owner of the famous @desiam_chiangmai ...this is not only a hotel, restaurant, coffee bar... it’s also a beautiful living space for every #art #lover

482 | 916 days ago | 0

July 31, 2020 - I’m back #home in #Bangkok after a two-weeks road trip. #mymompatumwan two favorite guys are together #lattethedog and my Big younger brother Pe. Want to wish my one and only brother a Big #Birthday #Love and gratitude that we have each other, knowing this makes our little master Latté, our 7 yr.old #pomeranian very happy #smilingdog #happydog #family 🥰

640 | 918 days ago | 10

One of my favorite shopping stop is http://sopmoeiarts.com ☺️ beautifully handcrafted weaves of colors and baskets. Buying these art work is a way to help support artist community because Sop Moei Arts is a non-profit organization, which has been working with the Pwo Karen in Sop Moei district of Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand for the last 30 years. Sop Moei Arts collaborate with local villagers to create unique, limited edition and one off products, employing their expertise in weaving and basket making. This provides not only a sustainable source of income for the Pwo Karen but also helps keep alive their traditional craft skills, which are rapidly disappearing. #chiangmai #handicraft #handmade #homedecor #basket #karen #silk #sopmoeiarts @sopmoeiarts

899 | 920 days ago | 12

You go Girrrrllllll!!! 💃🏻 challenge accepted @chiangmaimarisa... where would I be without my ‘Feminine Mystique’ superpower potential #womensupportingwomen 👯‍♀️

996 | 920 days ago | 16

You gotta have art...found an artist house on the foothills of a natural waterfall in แม่กำปอ #chiangmai #maeon #moutains #waterfall

228 | 922 days ago | 4

Cheers to French #wine and #oyster #lunch for @dr.danaiclinic birthday... only the freshest for this fresh-face young-at-heart birthday boy🥳

734 | 923 days ago | 5

No swimsuit...no problem😎 #pool #party with amazing fun and young #artists ☺️

919 | 923 days ago | 3

What does one do when it’s humid and hot...and a member of the JamPac didn’t bring a bathing suit🤨... wear what’s underneath and throw in a hill tribe scarf...cool shades and bring on the duck lips to officially welcome the late Songklan Festival that’s 3-month late because of Covid🙃 #letsgetwet #poolparty

401 | 926 days ago | 2

“GirrrrrrrL, you rock my world!” Must #love kids is almost a requirement to be a beauty queen in this country😇... just let me say I require a smart and sassy soul to capture my heart🥰. At 8-years-old, Hannah is this little Einstein in a little girl’s body and is just too much...I want to eat her more than the chocolate making session @siamaya_chocolate #beanstobar free workshop. Hannah gave her dad a back massage from his hard work putting nuts on his chocolate, then she said, “pay up, I’m saving money for my braces.” A sassy girl after my own heart😎

961 | 927 days ago | 13

I have been crowned by a #Lisu #Shaman 👑 when we popped into the #lisulodge in #maetang 😌 thanks @chiangmaimarisa for documenting my short reign 😁 #chiangmai #thailandtravel #thailand

1,378 | 928 days ago | 13

Exploring the Long-neck Karen Tribe and discovered that the refugee camp they live in have volunteer teachers from overseas but no thai teachers. So this village speak English with more fluency then their adopted home of #Thailand #refugees #longneckkarenvillage

954 | 929 days ago | 4

Green lush mountains, blue sky and lots of space was what was needed for this cage bird to sing @chiangmaimarisa @lookpeaar 🥰 #space #maehongson #maehongsonloop #roadtrip

2,168 | 933 days ago | 13

#sala_areeya playground by the lake today. #happywednesday #bangkok #yogapractice

521 | 935 days ago | 3

Fast and the Furious in #bangkok during a traffic jam😎🤣... nice ride @whatheutt 💋... the free flow bar and private party was just too much fun, maybe a little too much...just look at that red face, or is that a reflection of our red #ferrari 😉

765 | 935 days ago | 8

The last time we came together @stampapiwat @modernpod ... @dr._kawinch gave us a Prius, last night he invited us to #ferrari new model opening... for 37.8 million baht for this Ferrari Red I’m sitting in...all I can say is thank you P’Note for the upgrade... haha right😜. #aboutlastnight

1,655 | 936 days ago | 8

Monkey around with my best buddy @nisanok as she the Monkey teach this Pig09😉 to climb a coconut tree and the art of making palm sugar. #coconut #farm #แม่กลอง

840 | 940 days ago | 8

I spy a rabbit in my cuppa, then when I drink it, it’s looking like a duck🐰🐤 #duckyoucaferista

684 | 943 days ago | 1

#Green #rice field and #thunderclouds overhead during the #monsoon season in outer northwest side of #bangkok #nofilter #rain #clouds

611 | 944 days ago | 7

One of #Bangkok most beloved theater #scalabangkok, which I showed my first feature length film in 2005 and has been around for more than half a century will be closing its doors for good after this weekend😢. All we have left are memories of a beautiful theater that open its door for art projects, film festivals, independent movies and great memories will be taken down by the the property investor who wants more retail space... do we need more shopping mall?😖😩 my heart was breaking until I met these devoted fan club of a once beautiful theater saying their final goodbye. #savescala #arthousecinema #tearingdownthehouse #memories #yesterday #independentartist #home #goodbye

1,426 | 946 days ago | 4

When #homemade meal is at an actual house on the Chao Phraya River...The meal was so good I forgot to take any photos because I was so hungry 😁...highly recommend getting a reservation before the one-hour 50 km drive out to #บ้านตานิด in ปทุมธานี 😎 it’s fully packed on the weekend, because the food and the atmosphere is worth it.

1,799 | 947 days ago | 20

Life is much sweeter with laughter and at the age of 101-years-young, you are allowed to be as cheeky as you like😌. I can see where @whatheutt gets his silliness from. Rest In Peace, you are free Granny. Her laughter brightens any room and we will remember you for that...😉, #love your spunk and your free spirit #restinpeace 👑

1,410 | 949 days ago | 42

So far I’ve received 4 #cakes for my #birthday...my fat pudgy cheeks will expand happily ☺️ and I will restart my diet tomorrow.

1,025 | 950 days ago | 7

Darlingggg I’m not old, I’m #vintage 😎 who can remember Kodak film from many moons ago.

1,374 | 950 days ago | 47

Thank you for my #birthday #breakfast of #cheesecake...😁 and my students bringing me homemade กะปิและน้ำปลาหวาน😌 I feel the #love and thank you

687 | 952 days ago | 6

Our full-house playground #sala_areeya this morning after many mornings of thunderstorm during this year’s monsoon season. The air is fresh from the morning rain that you just want to fly. #yogalife #yogainspiration 😊

1,108 | 954 days ago | 15

#behindthescenes in the dressing room for ต้มยำ อัมรินทร์ TV Show. Thank you @rommy_au for my #makeup 😉... now I’m ready for my closeup.

698 | 955 days ago | 2

powerpuff girls 🤣 after #coffee 😎 Have you #duckyou at #duckyoucaferista yet? #coffeelover #caffeine fix for a #happytuesday #pinkday 💃🏻🕺🏻

669 | 957 days ago | 5

My beautiful day begins with gratitude for my full class at #sala_areeya and group of students enjoying #lunch and amazing #coffee and #banoffeepie at #duckyoucaferista #happysunday

344 | 958 days ago | 9

My #saturday started with finding a baby #turtle with a broken shell and was bleeding because a stray dog had it between his teeth. It was laying in the middle of the street so I had to #rescue it. The animal rescue expert @khemonly found an adopted home with a friend who raise a lot of land turtles. Our little guy will be alright and will be joined by other turle friends. We decided to celebrate by getting coffee and waffles. To help support our friends who are out of jobs but have an amazing talent in cooking, we came out to support them... #playitforward #scones #buylocal #loveisrealwhenshared 😁

1,151 | 961 days ago | 10

My very clean #dad finally showed me how to use the water-power hose to clean our deck before @iamday birthday party. This was a great pre-birthday gift, but I think my dad finally sleeping at #sala_areeya for the past three nights, realized that my deck had a lot of birds and gecko droppings because it’s a cool place to hang out too, and it’s even cooler after a power-shower by my 72-years-young #daddy. Still #daddyslittlegirl #love #kindness #cleanhouse

784 | 965 days ago | 16

When I was really young and lived in Michigan, my dad would asked me to step on his back and his legs. #Dad drove up 13 hours from Trang to arrive in Bangkok and had back and lower leg pain. #mymompatumwan bought this walker for 100,000 baht and has used it for a week, and for the past 6 years it has served as a world’s most expensive clothes hanger (we all have expensive towel hangers that was once some kind of exercise equipment.) Dad found a way to use mom’s toy for his massage and I had to share just being delighted that it’s finally being used😊 #thaimassage #balance #balancelife #legmassage #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #healthy 💪🏽🦶🏼🙌🏽🦵🏼

2,253 | 967 days ago | 27

#hemp #handstiched #countrylife in #chiangmai 😚 sending #love back at you to #บ้านงามแสงเดือน 😸#nofilter #simple #minimalism 😇

1,695 | 968 days ago | 30

#yesterday #บ้านงามแสงเดือน #chiangmai #maerim ☺️

973 | 972 days ago | 5

All the beautiful beings in #Bangkok and I come home to be with my #lattethedog...Cuz I’m a #badbitch 👑💩😂

1,344 | 974 days ago | 9

In a day I’m about to head back to Bangkok after my long holiday in #chiangmai, with my last 1,200 baht left, I splurged on my #handmade #basket and #handmadejewelry at #metalstudiojewelry. When I arrived 3 weeks ago, i posted about this shop and it brought in a lot of customers, the owner came out to thanked @chiangmaimarisa and I and he also gave me a huge discount and wanted to say thank you and I’m glad to be a little help in my small kickstart of business after a long quarantine 😁.

895 | 976 days ago | 8

My room with a view overlooking the mountains of Doi Suthep, and today on a clear day without the smoke, I could see #ดอยอินทนนท์ the highest mountain in #thailand because I’m on the 21st Floor of a friend’s very spacious heavenly hangout home in the sky #chiangmai

922 | 978 days ago | 7

On Monday the government will relax the quarantine for massage places. This one for ‘Celeb Shower Massage’ 🤪 was a photo opp that made @chiangmaimarisa laugh. We had to go around taking pictures of the empty buildings and the newly painted old hotel on the river. Who decided this neon-aqua paint job as a backdrop to 150-year-old Teak House was in good taste? 🧐. Then we actually did have a khaosoi noodle where the chicken wasn’t tender and fall off the bones like we’re use to... so many citations of questionable taste in an artists town🤨😜... This is pure sarcasm guys so don’t take this seriously, there are worse things happening in the world, I’m just being a clown🤡 #happysunday

781 | 979 days ago | 16

My second #TCM session was even more intense than the first. I have two more sessions to fix my numb left arm. Doctor’s order, I have to heal myself before I can heal others so I’m not heading back to Bangkok until I recover 😅. After our two-hour session, @chiangmaimarisa treated us to Coffee-flavored #eclair and we went to see our photographer/DJ friends - Nut and Pim doing their #chillvibes at #selfcoffeebar 😎 #saturdayvibes in #chiangmai #chiangmaicafe

476 | 979 days ago | 3

An ode to the Sweet potato #fries fried to golden perfection 👍🏼🍠@food4thoughtcnx and all their sandwiches. We had the mushroom and caramelized onion in a #grillcheese #sandwich that was crispy on the outside and juicy, creamy cheesy in the inside. Open since 2013, last year Food4thought renovates their cafe and made the rustic hippie hangout into a clean and modern design with organic local-grown food. 🥙🥪🌯🥗🥖🥞🥯🥕🥬🌶. Highly recommended ☺️. Then for dinner we went out my favorite #ข้าวต้มยง porridge rice with all the stir-fried vegetables, ยำปลาสลิด and omelet, also my highly recommended #foodie requirement when in #chiangmaithailand 😉

427 | 980 days ago | 9

There’s an enforced law in #Thailand that does not allow selling of alcohol in any restaurant #เซ็งเป็ด 😑. Can someone explain why I can’t have #redwine with my #pasta 😒. Being a sneaky 😈 misfit, I brought my own bottle😛.

1,116 | 981 days ago | 22

⛩I had the most intense #TCM session for my back pain from scoliosis. #acupuncture that wasn’t painful, electric stimulation that sent small pulsating wave into every needle around my neck muscles, intense massage that pulled out all the knots, and I have a lot and finally #cupping - this is my first time, and it felt warm and cleansing. With a combination of all of these for two hours, I felt like a well-kneeled sourdough bread. All this is the most intense body-work session I’ve ever gone through (and I have a really high pain tolerance when it comes to massage). It strong and hard but all painless and the result is an amazing lightness. The dark blood from the cupping means that’s my problem area. After two-hours and a bill of 650 baht... this is why I love #Chiangmai #Thailand 😊... high quality service at a low affordable price, I highly recommend this place. #traditionalchinesemedicine

1,011 | 982 days ago | 12

Hand-stitched one-of-kind wearable art piece that I’ve been modeling for a friend’s shop #บ้านงามแสงเดือน in #Maerim... made with hand-dyed indigo #hemp and #linen #fabric

1,469 | 984 days ago | 29

Finally...a proper #haircut after a really good head massage shampoo session 💇🏻‍♀️

1,015 | 986 days ago | 5

This is the sweetest former soi dog turned blessed beautiful bitch living with artists in the mountain of #maerim #chiangmai I had the pleasure of meeting. #dog #day #saturday 🐶

531 | 988 days ago | 5

🥭 #mango is one of my mom’s favorite fruit. I’ve seen green mangos before but I’ve never understood why my mom’s favorite is a special breed called มะม่วงอกร่อง... literally translated into ‘chest crest’ because it looks like the crest between one’s bosoms (I thought it looked like a baby’s butt😏). What’s close to my heart is enjoying great fruits in season like the #durian ...haha because I can and I am one of those people who actually like this strong smelling king of fruit that cost like 200 baht for 3 big seeds. Considering that my mangoes cost 15 baht/ kg. The durian is the most expensive #fruit in #Thailand. But why stop at just the fruit in season, how about my favorite #thaifood like the ข้าวซอย #noodles and we cannot forget แกงเขียวหวานไก่ #greencurrychicken with crispy golden fried Thai-style egg omelet #ไข่เจียว #bliss #yummy #ilovethaifood

508 | 989 days ago | 4

When #foodporn and #fashion comes together 😎. One of my favorite thai restaurant in #Chiangmai because he has all these beautiful one-of-kind art piece and the food is #delish #nasijumpru #thaifood

1,195 | 990 days ago | 4

No gym...no problem. Went to bed by 11pm, woke up by 6 am. Out running, sweating and playing at Chiang Mai University public park by 7am and had my first meal of grilled chicken, somtum, and ต้มโขงกระดูกออน all around the Nimanhaemin Road area by 9am. I’m all sweaty, and full of endorphin 😁 . I’m a happy camper ready to start my day. #happy #workout #happytuesday

388 | 991 days ago | 7

This is the Best #Dark #Chocolate #Hazelnut morsel of creamy and crunchy orgasmic #pastry creation I had the pleasure of consuming #yummy #sarudafinestpastry

3,402 | 991 days ago | 23

I’m a recovering Basket Case that needed to do a little retail therapy to get out of this depression that has engulfed my surroundings. This New Normal is Abnormal🙃. Is common sense not common?!! Curfew at 8:30 pm for the past week and no alcohol at all, not even a glass of wine at my favorite Italian bistro😒...sacrilegious... I’ve been surviving on my morning run and Netflix for too long, today I break free and turned into a #basketcase #chiangmai #retailtherapy

924 | 996 days ago | 11

One of my favorite running track is at Chiang Mai University - Ang Kaew Reservoir 🌳🍂. After being in lock-down for so long, this really is a breathe of fresh air in this Brave New World of pandemic quarantine, restaurants and cafes are just opening up in the last few days, but my favorite part of my day is to come out and enjoy this wide and open space. It’s so mentally and physically refreshing for your body and soul when #nature is all around. And the best part is, it’s free 😎 #chiangmai #chiangmaiuniversity #angkaewreservoir #run #runningtrack #nature #lake

1,417 | 997 days ago | 16

To walk into a really hip and spacious #coffee #cafe and #art #gallery with great coffee and pastry and to finally be allowed to sit down and enjoy it...😌 this made my day. So happy to be back in #Chiangmai, and blissfully happy to just enjoy a little taste of freedom with my best buddy @chiangmaimarisa

457 | 1000 days ago | 2

#duckyou ... duck noodle soup in front by day, coffee and speakeasy vibe in the back by night... and most important, my #secret #hideaway allow you to sit down in a very cool air con back room on a hot and humid day in #bangkok

570 | 1001 days ago | 1

#goodmorning from Latté and LeLe ... every day should be as cheerful as a smile on a dog🐶#fridaymood 😎

563 | 1003 days ago | 2

Today is #visakabuchaday, a day of the birth, awakening and death of #buddha ... a day for me to #reflect, #feelblessed and have #acceptance of ALL the challenges that makes life a great teacher. There is no good or bad, but thinking does make does make it so. 🙏🏼 #love #kindness #courage

760 | 1005 days ago | 9

May•4•2020 - #mood 🤡...the good news is the inconsistent, incompetent rules of quarantine lock down has finally figured out that all public places can be open, as long as there’s a a lot of space and everyone wear any piece of cloth or plastic over your face. Understandable for those dealing with food, do not understand wearing this while running...how does one run and do a sweaty workout with this thing on? 🥵🤮...most exercise participants have moved it over their mouth so they can actually take a deep breath, which is the point of exercise...so what’s the point of these sweat soaked masks? #cantbreathe so wear it like #whatsthepoint #whatever 🤨 and find a way to take a #deepbreath without giving a 💩#happymonday #parkisopen #questionauthority 😈 when they don’t have common sense🧐

646 | 1008 days ago | 2

May 1, 2020 - I’m jumping for joy, we survived and are thriving during this lockdown that will soon end in #bangkok by allowing open space area to open first. I will be conscious of being clean, of course. I so miss human contact and kindness, so #grateful for the #love that surrounds me, the connection we share, and thank you to my neighbor Chef Meaw who made the best tasting seafood pasta I ever had, we were missing the white wine because of this quarantine law banning alcohol sales, but no complaints, it’s still damn good to have #goodfood #goodfriends at our little sanctuary in the village #sala_areeya #lifeisgood 😌

504 | 1010 days ago | 2

It’s #durian season. An ode to the King of Fruit and to my daddy who love this more than any birthday cake. Love it or hate it... open your mind and give it a try...what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger😉.

932 | 1010 days ago | 13

Happy 72nd Birthday #dad . You taught me from your example to always be conscious of eating good food, have good surrounding, clean living, and maintaining stability in mind and body. #dadlife #daddysgirl #countryliving #freedom #integrity #discipline #running #foreveryoung

488 | 1011 days ago | 17

#Homemade #sourdough artisan #bread 🥖 created by a master baker who brought the starter from San Francisco where she perfected her golden baked, crisply, chewy herbs and spice flavored #real bread as an art form. Add a good scoop of real organic soft butter with that warm crunch - and Oh My... this is #foodporn ...my taste buds are having an orgasmic heavenly bliss moment🤤 #breadandbutter

1,592 | 1012 days ago | 16

Gratitude for all the #love from all the earth angels in my life. And can I just appreciate how red that #nofilter #strawberry is 🍓🍓🍓#loveisrealwhenshared #sala_areeya

1,596 | 1013 days ago | 20

#home #haircut on the 9th week in #quarantine 💇🏻‍♀️ #quarentinelife #bangkok #sala_areeya

650 | 1016 days ago | 10

April 23, 2020/ Quarantine Week 8 POP-UP report - Two full months of becoming a (semi🤡)homebody, still keeping my sanity and feeding my hungry homies. Heard the news that the Coup will keep Bangkok in lockdown until 1st of June😮 ...(strangely enough has anyone else noticing the electricity bill has double with the same usage in two months😒.) The good news is we have Lemon Farm and food galore from friends dropping off food and the lucky recipient is my maid @duenofficial who has gained 4 kg since coming back from working in a restaurant but ironically wasn’t allowed to eat the food there. She realize her life was better living as my homie. It helps to have help looking after two homes and someone who really love Latté the moody dog. She’s happily living and eating better than if she went back to Burma. She plans to hit 60 kg with a happy full stomach 🤤. #bangkok #food #ricenoodles #thaifood #vietnamesefood

673 | 1018 days ago | 6

กินอะไรถึงสวย🧐คำถามถามประจำทุกครั้งเดินตลาด🥕🥬🍠ถ่ายรูปให้ดูซะเลยวันนี้เพิ่งทานทุเรียนเพราะว่า มีให้กิน😁 ส่วนใหญ่จะไม่กินข้าวเช้ามาหลายหลายวันแล้วแต่ช่วงนี้อยากกินแกงส้มซื้อผักบุ้งมาด้วยยาที่ชอบที่สุดคือมีข้าวกล้องหุงเองที่บ้าน... อยู่บ้านกินข้าวกับแม่อาจจะเป็นแค่รูปแต่มั่นใจว่าแม่ชอบแน่แน่แบบนี้☺️ my #Bangkok #breakfast #durian with whole grain rice and my favorite spicy-sour gangsom curry...why not I’ve been up since 4:20 am 😉

316 | 1019 days ago | 1

4•20•2020 BKK 4:20 🌈Cheers and respect to the movement that is giving people access to real herbal medicine🌱#charlottefigi your legacy was living with epilepsy for 13 years and #cannabis #cbd ease your suffering and gave you a moment to breathe and smile like other children. Your legacy was your short life😇. You gave the world proof that this plant works. This movement to legalize cannabis, happened because of a little girl who died 12 days ago from Covid19. Wake up world, become civilized, consume plants, not man-made toxic chemicals. 🌈 #happy420

1,203 | 1020 days ago | 24

What a beautiful #Sunday 🌝 #morning in the hood here at #sammakorn and also next door in an open fresh market in สหกรณ์. So much fun to do shopping therapy to cure the five weeks of quarantine (for the essentials of course😉). Guess what got @khemonly so excited, these small bamboo wrapped single-use sugar cane that was made locally and also the foot-pump so #civilized hand-wash 😎 So much gratitude for #thailand #open #market #eatlocal #eatfresh #healthiswealth 🌈🍐🍋🥥🍉🍌🥑🥦🥬🥒🍅🍠🥕🍰☕️

1,981 | 1020 days ago | 23

แม่บ้านชาวไทยใหญ่กับเพื่อนเพื่อนอยากล้างพระในวันสงกรานต์เป็นประเพณีทำทุกปีวันนี้ขออนุญาตทำแล้วรวมเล่นสงกรานต์เก็บกดมานาน😄 My maid and her friends were not able to return back to Myanmar for this year #songkran2020 so they decided to have a Buddha yearly cleansing day with an added water fight 💦 because during #quarantine young girls still wanna have fun. @duenofficial showed me she understood that #corona meant a #crown 👑 and she showed me her flower power knowledge 🌼😛

1,596 | 1023 days ago | 9

Life in #bangkok with my social distancing ทำบุญ buddy. #happysongran2020 #durian and beetroot salad... why not! and to wash it down during our #quartentine party Pina Colada พันธมิตร ... because we can😁

709 | 1025 days ago | 15

Going through old photos and fan post while remembering #duangjaibis and realized besides #mymompatumwan , P’Tua was a huge influence in my life while I came on the #fashion scene in the decadent roaring ‘90s . I once had a colorful ‘PopTart’ of covers on the newsstand, today many magazines have folded and died since the birth of online media...all of this was my print media hey-day...a long-gone era of #yesterday #memories where I played dress up, sold products, and had fun being young and carefree...#onceuponatime 👑👠

2,663 | 1026 days ago | 29

🌺April 13, 2020 will not be like this #throwback from #yesterday when #songkran #waterfestival meant a lot of water splashing💦on the hottest month of the year. Today it’s finally raining☔️ when everyone in #Thailand was quarantine, and it felt cleansing, refreshing and welcoming to finally just get #wet 🌨#happysongran2020

3,029 | 1027 days ago | 41

#throwback #tribute to #duangjaibis P’Tua’s clothes transform a former ‘80s Gap Girl into this ⭐️ ( that very small waist was because of a strong tight corset and I didn’t breathe 😅). Thank you @we_are_supermodels for posting so much of P’Tua’s work, I am also reposting here. For die-hard fan, I did intentionally put one dress up that isn’t from #duangjaibis❤️ Guess...which one👠🧵

260 | 1027 days ago | 8

Happy Songran... whoever made this, I have to repost, OMG🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♀️you are very creative, watched way too much TV, but damn you’re good🤣...thanks for the Thai New Year laughter. After they canceled our party, no alcohol sold and getting cabin fever...we get it. #quarentinelife #happysongran2020🤡

1,892 | 1028 days ago | 37

Once upon a time, a tomboyish young girl from Michigan stumbled into Thailand and found herself crowned as Miss Thailand in 1994👑. I didn’t know what I got myself into, I didn’t know how to walk in heels or put on fake eyelashes (I still don’t 👣👀.) P’Tua 😎พี่ตัวจากร้านเสื้อผ้าดวงใจเบสท์ #duangjaibis was the designer who help guided me, protected me and created for me the dress that I wore on my farewell walk across Queen Sirikit Convention Center after my reign. He said, make it Big and Emerald Green against the sea of pastels on stage, ‘You will stand out, so own it, it’s your night,’ he said. And I did, I walked in the halter top with encrusted crystals design, that was one of the most beautiful and easy to move in because of the big hoop. The next year at the pageant, when so many dresses were huge with giant hoops underneath and giant Marge’s hair from the Simpsons on top, P’Tua send me on stage in a body-hugging crystal-beaded flapper dress that was below my knees and slicked-back bob hair💇🏻‍♀️. Be different. Be fierce. He was an artist who gave me the opportunity to blossom and shine from his design. I will miss his charming warm smile and crazy creative mind. Rest In Peace my mentor and designer friend, I am blessed to have been one of your muse once upon a time. #keratichollasit #restinpeace #thaidesigner #duangjaibis❤️ #praewmagazine

1,721 | 1028 days ago | 12

April 10. 2020. Week 3 in quarantine, and we are letting loose behind our hood. Met P’Pink, she owns a house on the lake behind the school, soon the lake will be filled and a new suburb will cover up this natural bird and fish sanctuary...soon no more. Enjoy now, cry tomorrow. #bangkok #village

660 | 1030 days ago | 12

First they took away my morning run in the park, now both side of my house have the 😩sound of jackhammer pounding into concrete. My neighbor’s house has permission for renovation, it’s just being #quantine with the high decibel level of noise isn’t fun. In front of my house they decided that the water pipes were too small and need bigger version for the whole village...today, they started in front of my house😖. The sound of cement being cut from one side and jackhammer in the other😳😫😕...I got up early from bed, took my car out because I will be NOT be able to use my driveway for awhile. I am not complaining just sharing how #iwillsurvive I still have a lake house to go to. Thank you mom for encouraging me to grow and prosper. This is just a test for #resilience and planning. To be able to survive one has to learn how to adapt, this isn’t life threatening, it’s just an obstacle, not a tragedy. #thereisalwayssomethingtobethankfulfor 🌼 #happythursday

569 | 1030 days ago | 3

#superpinkmoon #party because the moon is the closest to the earth, it is the biggest on April 7-8, 2020. We didn’t know what night so we had #homecooking ขนมจีนแกงเขียวหวาน yesterday and tonight เส้นหมี่ผัดกระเฉดกุ้งสด at #sala_areeya because we have the space to play, eat and laugh together...we are #blessed on a beautiful bright #fullmoon night🌝

636 | 1032 days ago | 10

On the edge of our hood was another older community of mostly Thai-Muslim locals who have farm and fish and lived the #simple life here for many generations. @whatheutt and I decided to check out the local waterfront estate with a few of the residents there. #bangkok #waterfront #waterfronthomes 😎 #simplelife #nofilter #gogreen #bebalanced

835 | 1033 days ago | 7

Was it just only last month that I was enjoying the space and freedom to hug in #kanchanaburi 🥺. Sending virtual hugs and kisses from my small speck across the universe. #yesterday #memories #today #appreciation

701 | 1034 days ago | 10

My life routine has now revolved primarily as a servant to Latté the dog 🐶. And I’m thankful to just go outside just around my neighborhood. I saw these ruby red เฟื่องฟ้า and golden yellow โขน tree that fully blossom during the dry and hot summer heat, #mymompatumwan told me about her favorite flowering plants and I remember liking the #resilence of these strong, thriving beauties. #lifeisbeautiful 🌺🌿🌼🌸I see her in every radiant blossom. #bangkok #doglife #summer2020 #lattethedog

560 | 1035 days ago | 3

Six years ago @mymompatumwan was always the glue that brought everyone together. Miss her beautiful smile and love of sharing a meal together. #home #food #share . Will sharing a meal ever be the same again?

1,296 | 1036 days ago | 13

I am so #grateful #mymompatumwan checked out last year, the amount of uncertainty has planted so much fear and disconnection to humanity both mentally and physically☹️ that I yearn for stability in my daily routine or I would loose my mind😩. I am trying my best to also savor the last bit of free space left, for my mental and physical well being, I need to breathe in fresh air and drink and eat fresh food, I realize it’s now a luxury😯. After our daily disinfection of the house with my only family member left, my maid @duenofficial and Latté the dog, I will reward myself by taking any moment to enjoy a moment of space and freedom I still have left. #theonlywayoutisin #covid2020 #iwillsurvive 🎋

1,230 | 1037 days ago | 11

Lunch was homemade chicken noodle soup from P’Yuy and her amazing ฟักทอง for dessert 🥰#homecooking #noodles

862 | 1038 days ago | 6

April 1, 2020

552 | 1039 days ago | 3

Really thought I came out here All By Myself...and then was pleasantly surprised by @whatheutt and his Papa. Dont tell Mom😅, Pa came out for a moment of exercise and a moment away from semi-solitary confinement. We Breathed in the fresh air while we still can and we order hot Thai tea to go to celebrate our director’s cut through just discovered filter from director Utt 👁👁 #freshair #space #keepmoving #besafe #bangkok #breathe

618 | 1040 days ago | 7

อย่าหมั่นไส้ มากนะ,โดนเตะหน้าตัดหน้าเพื่ออออออ...🤨Heard you say I’m not the baddest bitch, you lied 😎... @whatheutt who got #juice #move your #bööty 👯‍♀️

1,809 | 1041 days ago | 27

Do a #DanceMonkey is better than doing a #Yummy during this time🤣. #coconut #juice is better than sodapop🤤, if you are fortunate to be in Thailand🤡.

577 | 1043 days ago | 8

I am thankful for friends who can cook, @whatheutt made a caramel cake and cinnamon tea, and friend who send delicious food delivery to our house...thank you so so much @riskyriksh, for sending us delicious chicken rice, somtum, and grilled pork and larb from “Oh Shit Not You Again” (seriously, the name of the place🤨😜 you can not forget it, it’s either genius branding or before its time.) And what I am most grateful for, is living in Thailand, where good food is a part of our culture. Thank Buddha, I’m Thai. #fooddelivery #savemylife #ilovethaifood #familymeal

534 | 1044 days ago | 6

When a good friend is hard to find, a hard friend is good to find...🤣. This is what being quarantine for almost a week is doing to me 🤡 #artistatwork #playground #happy #monster

1,286 | 1045 days ago | 22

Don’t even think of checking out my cute booty while I avoid close contact and do the social distancing and air kiss while I run away from you today @whatheutt 😙 #keepmoving #bangkok

553 | 1046 days ago | 7

I am keeping sane by my morning daily walk, my playlist on @billieeilish, a huge plate full of noodles☺️, and finding my happy green space where the trees still sing and dance to the wind that kissed my face today. #bangkok #staysane #gogreen #staylean

255 | 1047 days ago | 5

Miss the snuggles from yesterday, no more... social distancing has made my path alone...but still far from lonely, at least not yet anyway...will check in again tomorrow if getting sunkissed by lush colors of the flowers and the sky can still get me high. #morningrun #keepmoving #freshair

912 | 1048 days ago | 17

Now that #bangkok has officially closed all public shopping centers because of #covid_19 😑 and every public gathering is discouraged from today until mid-April. I have been diligently running every morning since 2020 began, and had to decide if I wanted to run at my park this morning.🤔 I’m here putting in my time to sweat it out, amp up my immunity to sickness by doing aerobic exercise. My lungs need to be strong. I will not weaken my body and mind by what I see as a huge addiction to binge watch too much social media and so called ‘news’... best to tune inward, drop out of herd mentality of fear and learn to #livesimple . We can live without highly-process junk ‘food’ and hoarding toilet paper bullshit... you can learn to do Intermittent-fasting, sleep a full night sleep, keep your body regular, and learn to drink lemon added in water rather than all the high-fructose-corn-syrup color sugar water poison 💩 that’s there to make a profit. This is a health concern, so learn to be healthy. Learn to care for your health and mental #wellbeing 😇 it is the only investment that is worth it. And if you can’t go out and run, learn to do the Corona Virus new dance, the music came out of Detroit. And when you’re tired, than take that cat nap 😽. Keep healthy. Keep moving. Be Balance. Be Well😉.

225 | 1054 days ago | 3

#plank #plankchallenge between two old friends 🤣

746 | 1055 days ago | 10

กลุ่มที่ซ่าที่สุดที่เคยเจอมาต้องเป็นกลุ่มหมอสังเกตุดีดีจะเห็นหมอดมยา🤣 ข้อดีของการอยู่กับคนอายุมากกว่าคือตอนร้องเพลง 50 ยังแจ๋วเราคนเดียวที่ยังไม่ถึงขอให้สปีหนึ่งเดี๋ยวเข้ากลุ่มด้วยนะ 😉 #party #rafting #kanchanaburi #คณะไฟไหม้ป่า

1,401 | 1055 days ago | 14

How about a private concert and party on a floating raft and free flow drinks and laughter. Yes, give me some of that 😎#kanchanaburi #boatparty #sunset on a #saturday #wishyouwerehere

898 | 1056 days ago | 2

Greetings from #kanchanaburi where I will spend tonight on a raft on top of the dam on the West side of the country. #wishyouwerehere #thailand #rafting

1,627 | 1059 days ago | 18

Red moon night and @whatheutt treated me to เค้าต้มซี่โครงกระดูกหมูอ่อนแล้วจับชายถ้วยหนึ่ง and we out did ourselves at 144 baht and splurged in บัวลอยไข่หวาน for dessert at 80 baht... if we sounds like we are trying to bring a newly married friends to come share in our playground and move here, we are 😉 #redmoon #sammakornvillage #papagreg 😎

159 | 1060 days ago | 2

My manifestation for my surroundings... #home #love #peace #happiness 🤟🏽🏃🏽‍♀️💃🏻🕺🏻🤸🏾‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🎏

272 | 1062 days ago | 4

ทุกคนเรียกว่าคุณแม่กล้องเพราะลูกชายเคยเอาคุณแม่อายุ 50 กว่ามาฝากเพราะตอนนั้นรู้สึกอ่อนแอตอนนี้คุณแม่เป็นคุณแม่ตัวอย่างให้ทุกทุกคนเห็นว่าการฝึกทุกวันมาสี่ปีพลรักคืออะไรทั้งความมั่นใจแล้วสุขภาพจิตใจโปร่งใสมันคง😉. This is the result of 4 years of practicing yoga consistently will do to the mind and body... she found her base and center and flew high with less effort each time, this is what consistent practice in any endeavor will do. #sala_areeya #yogapractice #reachyourpotential

817 | 1064 days ago | 17

#nahmrestaurantbangkok located on Satorn Road, is a good 20 km from my house. I left my house at 5:30pm and fell asleep in the taxi for almost 2 hrs to get into town. But it was worth the traffic in Bangkok to finally try the famous 3-years consecutive #michelinstar winner. If anyone knows Thai food, you would know that Thai food, something grandmas with many years of cooking skills can make with so much spices that the eater just knew there was a lot of love crafted into each flavorful dish. Well, I don’t have my grandmas anymore, so home cooked meal is a rarity. And just listening to Mika @chunuonsee16 talk about getting his pet Monkey to bring down the coconut and he would scrap it with a กระต่าย when he was really young, I had to think back to the days when the aroma of a happy home was filled with real Thai spices of lemongrass and coconut curry. The art of Thai cooking and a set menu concept of sharing is authentically Thai and how we grew up on. It just feels like home - the flavor, the proportion and actually feeling of yes, this is a real Thai meal. It’s so rare for us city dwellers with no more loving grandmas at home that the next best thing is to come to #comometropolitanbangkok for a shared meal with friends @whatheutt @tayastarling @nahmbangkok #thaifood

342 | 1067 days ago | 7

😇Gratitude for the day: my senior yoga students, I am honored and love being a bridge for you to discover your potential. Thank you for showing up and your commitment to heal, expand and inhale life deeply and fully. You inspire me 🥰 #graditude #stretch #sala_areeya #reachyourpotential

376 | 1069 days ago | 14

#staygold #oldsoul and you will be #foreveryoung ☺️

3,010 | 1070 days ago | 83

Shaking my booty with pride... this is for you Baby Sean, I saw you doing this dance when you were 3-years-old, now that you’re a teenager, BaPop can fully show you the meaning of that Thai song.🤣 #shakeyourbooty #dance #twerk #twerkqueen

688 | 1070 days ago | 19

Not Black Pink. Not Blackface, and definitiately Not Black Plague. 🎭 This amazing delicious Black Ink Squids is my first time trying it and I didn’t think it would be this tender, savory and lightly sweet. When the almost empty seaside restaurant that was once busy with tourists is depressingly empty I had to do it. I had to pose with my partner-in-goofballness in our photo shot. #blackisthenewblack #happyleapyear2020

1,206 | 1070 days ago | 22

Black-ink squid is as good as it looks. 🤪 My very deliciously fresh seafood dinner just caught and now floating in my yummy tummy. #seafood #blackink #squid #pattaya

647 | 1071 days ago | 3

Good Vibes Only 😎

749 | 1072 days ago | 8

Had to cancel going to Japan because of the Corona. So to make up for it, we decided to go to Bangsan, eat our little heart out and cheer with Hoegaarden Beer 😛

548 | 1076 days ago | 2

Popeye and pop ไม่อาย celebrating Sunrise Taco reopening with a family fest. #happysaturday #tacos #sunset

608 | 1077 days ago | 2

Came out to play around the Chao Phaya River. Barely any tourists, so I decided to be a tourist myself for the day. #bangkok #watarun #rivercity

964 | 1081 days ago | 8

Moments in Chiang Mai in my little Nook, shared moments during the Valentines weekend. Went up for four days and had a party reconnect with old friends and made new ones too. #chiangmai

1,399 | 1084 days ago | 13

I miss you so much #mymompatumwan 😇

261 | 1085 days ago | 7

My first Valentines without my guardian angel by my side, and she will always be my source, my love, my everything... I am blessed to have been loved by my beautiful #mymompatumwan. Thank you for your love, it will be with me for the rest of my life. #hugs #love

624 | 1087 days ago | 4

For the past 3 days I got my groove back and went 3 rounds about 6 km. My body naturally gets up at 5 am and I head straight to the toilet, washed up and head out by 6 am. This is how I’ve been starting my morning. Tomorrow I head to Chiang Mai...🚖⛰🏞 #runningtrack #morning #run #nofilter

180 | 1088 days ago | 1

Billie may you shine bright and long , I still cannot believe you were born in 2001, a huge shout-out that I am a huge fan of #billieellish and her brother, producer, best friend Phineas. First time she went to the Grammy, they awarded this teen-prodigy with 5 huge wins. Cheers to home-schooled kids who produce music in their bedroom. And to her parents... you are amazing open-minded, caring and a nurturing family, thank you for producing creative and compassionate beings, I adore your creative mind and crazy talent. 👏#grammys2020

359 | 1089 days ago | 12

I am running around screaming that history was made. Congratulation to Bong Joon Ho and the entire cast and crew of the history making Best Picture and Best Director win at the #oscars2020 🤩🥳😎 first time in history a foreign film won Best Pictures in Hollywood. This is historic and refreshing to witness. 🤓 #parasitemovie

1,124 | 1090 days ago | 2

My mermaid moments in my very own Aquarium with a view of the sun, sky and sea. I am taking this beautiful moment with me back to Bangkok one more time. #upattaya #pattaya

722 | 1091 days ago | 6

Saturday #brunch with my brother and know that we have each other’s back. #loveisrealwhenshared. 😇

1,272 | 1091 days ago | 13

Going #Lizzo on this #roadtrip because we got #juice 🤪😎

1,352 | 1092 days ago | 11

Now I’ve arrived... #bliss #blessed moments at #upattaya #pattaya

1,572 | 1093 days ago | 5

When the pool villa, the sun, the sea and my 🧜🏼‍♂️merman was enough that we didn’t need to go out. #upattaya #pattaya

922 | 1093 days ago | 7

Have not seen a clear day in Bangkok smog since the year started. Today the sky cleared and I’m dancing with joy to finally breathe in clean air for the year. #upattaya #freshair #clearsky

1,028 | 1094 days ago | 5

Checked into #upattaya and they gave me my very own merman in my private pool villa... 🤗 #takethatmao #pattaya

94 | 1099 days ago | 3

Seriously bought tickets to go to Japan next month, should I cancel or take this #corona with Lyme ☹️🧐

430 | 1100 days ago | 6

This lavender flowering tree that P’Mon, an old friend of the family choose these trees to plant for #mymompatumwan 😇 these trees just flowered for just a day, he arrived at my house. He thinks the tree is leaning too much towards the house, above my mom’s suppose to be room. #sala_areeya in early bloom

469 | 1108 days ago | 8

Life in #bangkok where the #airquality requires wearing one of these. I just came back and I already miss the cold crisp cleaner air of the North. Is this the new normal?😩

470 | 1110 days ago | 3

For three years now I have been coming up to #chiangdao to attend #yogamindyogabody retreat with my Kru G, who refill my fire to learn and grow as a student and a teacher in a deeper, richer, more conscious, more awareness level. Thank you @gernothhuber, really truly find joy and inspiration every time I come to your Winter Retreat. ☺️ #yoga #yogaretreat

437 | 1111 days ago | 5

Who would have thought there’s a chic and extremely inexpensive, michelin star worthy #padthai amazing-ness in the mountains of #chiangdao 😯 The fresh ingredients and creative way to make a pad thai a fusion of the chef’s imagination has made me respect the pad thai, a dish I once thought was a cliché thai food for farang😑. Thanks Michael and Kay for the intro to this hidden gem, our bill for this entire lunch was 210 baht 😲 so forgive me for showing you this secret cafe in the middle of nowhere but not telling you where it is 😛 #foodporn #padthaifusion

1,338 | 1113 days ago | 12

Good morning from the mountain of Chiang Dao. It’s 14c with a air quality reading of 75 pm2.5 ( it’s not over 100 it’s good, in BAngkok it’s 150 ). The happy #goat here really likes to be petted @chiangmaimarisa said her dog Notte would be jealous. #chiangdao #chiangdaonest

1,287 | 1114 days ago | 16

View from our little hut in the mountain of Chiang Dao. The air is cold and clear, the friend goat likes to be petted and eat leaves, and we were cold enough to dip our toes in the hot springs. Thank my travel buddy @chiangmaimarisa for the #chiangdao #goat photos. I had my hands full carrying my refillable water bottle and hot ginger tea to keep warm.😌

1,228 | 1115 days ago | 7

Greetings from Chiang Dao Nest for Gernot’s Winter Yoga Retreat, from a full-time student and part-time teacher. This is my 3rd time attending, and I’m slowing getting my fire back, especially after having @chiangmaimarisa and I favorite chicken noodle soup on the side of the road. We love you @gernothhuber but Oh my 🥰 that warm clay pot soup really hit the spot. #chiangdao #yogamindyogabody

1,065 | 1116 days ago | 17

A Killer grill cheese sandwich with #sourdough #bread and bacon and jalapeño pepper for a acidic touch on this four-cheese monster... and to wash it down , açaí-bowl breakfast. ☺️ carb day don’t care. #goodmorning #breakfast #grillcheese

574 | 1193 days ago | 12

Damn this is a good movie. I saw it more than once and I want to see it again. My last favorite movie was ‘Her’ and now this. Go see it before it leaves the theater. The cinematography, the acting, the song, the script, the music and all of his impromptu dance... you deserve to finally be recognized, Joaquin Phoenix, may the #joker prove to the movie studio they don’t need computer game CG to be this good and successful. #joaquinphoenix #joaquinphoenixjoker 🎬🎭🤡

1,605 | 1196 days ago | 12

Having someone to lean on, is what buds are made of. @whatheutt 🌼🌺

234 | 1201 days ago | 2

#farmersmarket is one of my favorite visit in a big city. This time I saw the 2020 Democratic top nominee...as a former journalist, and a former Asian American, i think it’s cool Yang is even a candidate. I love #berniesanders drive and determination to do right, I wouldn’t mind #warren2020 on the ticket. And Mayor Pete, you actually answer every question so sincerely and easy to understand, you’re too good of a man. This is my guilty pleasures, watching the drama unfold from half way around the world. My concern is the collective unit of consciousness called USA. There is so much beauty in the world, I hope this country will one day do the right thing. #mondaymood #gogreen 🌻🌿🌾🙏🏼

925 | 1202 days ago | 7

Daddy’s girl I will always be, whatever age, whatever drama, whatever happens he’s by my side and I know in the end I need to appreciate every moment I have with him. #family #familytime #daddysgirl thanks for coming up to Bangkok #daddy I appreciate and always #love being your little girl forever❤️

771 | 1206 days ago | 3

#treehugger 🌲🍁🌳🍂 #greenrevolution is the best solution to clean up our pollution🌿

2,326 | 1207 days ago | 44

Moments alone I prayed to my mother that one day I will join her and return back to my source🌲. She is here and will be when I am gone, I am but a small insignificant dust on leaves. Time is an illusion and death is not the end...a cycle of just changing form. February 15, nine months ago exactly today, again what is the meaning of time, still feels like it was just a moment ago. 🌿I walked the forest of the #redwoods like I was in God’s Cathedral, I prayed for light in my darkness, lessons from my pain, relief from the loneliness of walking alone. 🌳These gentle giants standing for hundreds of years, able to live for thousands, cut for timber to built California in the past 150 years, humans have wiped out 95 percent of trees that provide oxygen, nitrogen, life to our planet. #mymompatumwan worked for General Motors as an engineer for 30 years before she became ill and came to die here in Thailand. GM is a maker of cars that burn #fossilfuels that is a major cause of man-made destruction of our planet. Climate change exist. We are killing ourselves for the sake of capitalism, corporate profit and the need for convenience of plastic and disconnection to life and our source. This is why we feel so empty. 🌻Our world would be beautiful if we as a species stop Believing that accumulation more stuff...more things will ever bring lasting happiness. There is freedom in having less. Let go and learn to hug a tree. #treehugger #gogreen

2,404 | 1208 days ago | 20

Every time I’m with this dude @whatheutt we have a lovely day. Feeling #gratitude that we have a #blessed life. He got a free T-shirt, huge discounts and free lunch just from smiling 😁 I’ve found my #kindredspirit and a revelation that it’s not where you go to, it’s who you go with, that makes every journey a fun adventure. #bangkok #jatujakmarket #grandpalacebangkok #chaophraya #thailand #everydayisaholiday

959 | 1211 days ago | 7

The #redwoods have been on this planet before the dinosaurs, for more than 250 million years. Humans, white man with an ax who came to California for the gold rush have cut down more than 95 percent of these beautiful towering giants. These are what are left... #california #northerncalifornia #gianttrees

883 | 1213 days ago | 5

How #California is this photo series of a how yogi family great each other: Daddy Tyler and Uncle Josh, Auntie Marisa and Mommy Annie and I’m still ป้าป๊อบ PaPop to this cutie little man Baby G. See you next month for #marisas40thadventure continues in Chiang Mai. #sacramento #pizza #pizzaparty

387 | 1216 days ago | 0

Meeting Baby G, an 18-month cutie at Shala Yoga in Sacramento while mama Annie taught today #california #yoga #marisas40thadventure

724 | 1217 days ago | 6

#redwood #california #marisas40thadventure

250 | 1218 days ago | 0

Went to the oldest #california #lighthouse that was built for $15,000 in 1857. The old tree that stood against the wind was a beautiful twist of time and resilience. Also spy 2 squirrels welcoming us and #bigfoot from afar 🐾 #lowtide #northerncalifornia #marisas40thadventure

780 | 1262 days ago | 10

For six months I have not been able to clean the closets of memories, and old clothes I can’t throw away and don’t know what to do. So much boxes full of memories I am having a difficult time letting go. Crying from missing #mymompatumwan when I have to let go of things, she would not allow me to throw anything away when she was here. Yesterday I felt frustrated enough to go out and eat a big lunch ผักกระเฉดไฟแดง... love this dish and I even finished my meal off with my mom’s favorite match green tea ice cream and red beans. As for the clutter, it is piling higher today..I will decide how am I going to declutter again ...soon. 🤨 #procrastination #mess

396 | 1263 days ago | 3

Memories of small beautiful moments in #Phuket and big hugs to #roxythailand for hosting a fun and playful event, we felt the #love you put into it.. ❤️💪🌹👏sweat and loved it!#makewavesmovemountains #roxythailand #quiksilverthailand #baanarjorphuket

1,084 | 1263 days ago | 9

Big thanks to #roxythailand #quiksilverthailand for sponsoring garbage cleanup, #เก็บรักษ์ and an amazingly fun trip where we all #makewavesmovemountains 🤗💪🏼🥳😎❤️

653 | 1265 days ago | 5

After running up and down the mountain picking up trash our entire #roxy gang stretched out all together. One of the runner told me her legs were shaking from her 6.4 km run, so no standing pose, only runner’s stretch to take away the muscle crams. A good stretch after any workout is always a good idea. #makewavesmovemountains #roxythailand

790 | 1266 days ago | 6

Breathe in fresh mountain and ocean air from #roxy mini run and come join me for a #yoga cool down session and #makewavemovemountains

596 | 1266 days ago | 9

Landed in #Phuket and had lunch with the #roxythailand team at the beautifully restored ##BaanArJor house for the #roxymakewavesmovemountains weekend tour

1,311 | 1271 days ago | 19

Today in Thailand is the official Mother’s Day, and the official flower happens to be #mymompatumwan favorite sweetly soft scented jasmine. This will be my first Mother’s Day without her 😔, but I think she would be really happy at all the mother-like #yogatribe sisterhood have gather for P’Yuy’s famous Sukothai noodles right after class at our #sala_areeya ❤️ my mom would have had two bowls and she would be so happy to be surrounded by so much #love 🌼 sending love to all #mom ... miss mine so much.

408 | 1274 days ago | 2

My first blossom at #sala_areeya , all planned to peek out for #mymompatumwan because she #love #flowers #plants #garden so much. Every #blossom a reminder of her beautiful smile.

474 | 1278 days ago | 6

Came back to #paisiam for lunch before heading back, and I’m really impressed with the owner Carlos and Khun Oh’s chic corner bar and bistro. They had me at the chocolate cake, fruity #mojitos and #noplasticstraw straws made from plants.

1,723 | 1278 days ago | 28

The simple life is the best life

1,215 | 1278 days ago | 8

Every morning at 7 am the monks would walk to the villagers to receive their morning alms, the old bridge was falling apart, but Su Tong Pae Bridge stretch out over the rice field so the monks will not step into the wet field. Very smart Shan community, creating this bridge to connect the temple to the villagers and visitors have a great place to shoot this lush green view #bamboo #bamboobridge #shanvillage #maehongson

664 | 1279 days ago | 2

My celebrity crush also stayed here, and to be given a bouquet of handmade pandan ใบเตย just like #angelinajolie , i am happily tickled pink☺️ #maehongson

1,292 | 1279 days ago | 7

After driving more than 1864 curves up the mountain, we arrived at highly recommended Fern Resort in the mountain of #maehongsorn I am in bliss. #pool #mountain #cheers

1,685 | 1280 days ago | 21

Best viewpoint and surprisingly a side street road noodle and coffee shop run by the local hill tribe. Beyond our expectation gorgeous view. #maehongsorn #baanjabo #viewpoint #coffee #noodles

622 | 1280 days ago | 8

It’s always a good time for a #margarita especially in Pai at Cafecito when @chiangmaimarisa works her magic and make Mexican food looks as good as it taste...cheers my friend and to all your ‘hard work’ 😉 documenting the good life in #pai.

549 | 1281 days ago | 6

Discovered a Yuan village on top of #pai . During the rainy season the lush green erased most of the deforestation a few months ago. Even today it has been raining, and there are no tourists, only the local black-faced chicken and poodle-mix puppies playing in all that open space. #countrylife #viewtop #hilltribe #village #northernthailand #maehongsorn

718 | 1282 days ago | 10

Do guys make passes at girls who wear glasses? Well...if you’re using reading glasses because you’re not a young chicken anymore and the girl is more of a wise woman who doesn’t care how she looks to a guy. If she can’t see the guy, she may not make a pass at him, and that matters more😛 #girlswithglasses

840 | 1282 days ago | 5

The old photographs my mom kept of us were fading, but memories of her was not. #mymompatumwan pride and joy... her children. And we will continue to make her proud.

1,351 | 1283 days ago | 12

Happy birthday to my baby brother @kindnation thank you for being by my side through life and caring for our mom together with love and compassion. I know #mymompatumwan is smiling from heaving proud of the both of us, her pride and joy. Thank you for being my brother, love you ❤️ sis.

413 | 1284 days ago | 4

View from #sala_areeya on a beautiful day, the wind blew from the northeast side into our wind tunnel and created a natural cooling system. Wish you could feel the breeze... 🌼

514 | 1286 days ago | 3

Full House of #yogini at our playground #sala_areeya this #sunday . This morning the weather was cool and breezy, absolutely love the wind tunnel and the #naturalcooling air flow that evaporated our sweat away with the breeze from the lake.

2,654 | 1288 days ago | 20

ครูน้องปีใหม่อยากสาธิตทำท่าให้ดูตอนแม่เดินมาเป๊ะเลยเก่งจังเลยนะคะครูคนใหม่ของ #sala_areeya 🤗☺️ I’ve met my daily quota of hugs from a little angel and possible new teacher for our playground #yoga #yogababy

2,125 | 1288 days ago | 26

Child at Play on a beautiful day at our little playground #sala_areeya 😌 nice to meet you @aff_taksaorn and her 4-and-a-half-year-old so smart and sassy daughter น้องปีใหม่ ☺️ she’s already a yogi master and will be teaching next time she promised me🤗. Thank you #tigerbalmthailand for sponsoring a deep tissue massage sessions at our playground with yoga massage therapy balls with your new tiger balm soft. Now if we can be just as flexible like a child again...💃

485 | 1290 days ago | 4

My adventure as ป้าป๊อป to my Atlanta boys I get to see once a year. See you next year Sean, Dylan, Jutima and Scott.

1,317 | 1295 days ago | 18

At #sala_areeya our little tribe of yogis age range from 5 years-old little boy who had really good concentration to our oldest member at 77 years-young, still able to move and loosen stiff joints with practice. It’s not the age or the stiffness that is the obstacle... it’s the mind. #moveeveryday #happyfriday #sammakornvillage

528 | 1299 days ago | 2

My cousin Nate is heading back to Michigan tonight after spending 3 weeks in Bangkok and Bali, I wrote this to him because I already miss him: ‘Just telling pung and pe that I don’t know any guy ever shopping for his sister and sister’s friend at Platinum. You’re a beautiful, sensitive soul, and hope to see more of you. So glad you came back, I will not say goodbye but see you soon. Time is an illusion, after 7 years, almost my entire 40s I came back to Bangkok to live full-time with my mom and brother. This year I want to fly. I too don’t feel like I have a home. I lost mom and have only pe and dad left. ❤️ I envy and love you and your family... your parents were one of the first family we stayed at when we came to the US. It’s poetic karmic alignment that we can be in each other’s lives again in Thailand, the country our parents left to give us a better life, when the better life is here.’ #bangkok #aboutlastnight

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Throwback Thursday from my Hitachi modeling days and a further throwback from my cousin Nate’s photo of me next to his sister Wanya when we were 4 years old (The short hair girl on the left, always had short hair like my mom. Wanya next to me in the photo ) and in another photo when my #mymompatumwan went to Wanys’s wedding. My mom was always elegant and her smile, was so beautiful. It’s always good to know how blessed I am to have had a beautiful role model.

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Hanging out in my hood, eating guacamole salsa cheese and chips. Went shopping at the weekend market at #sammakorn and bought really soft muji tops, that’s what I did this weekend. The highlight was the #salsa 💃 my artistic creation that my brother wolf down, in my delight (the jalapeño pepper that acidic twang was the highlight of this creation) 😁

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My first time having a birthday party at #sala_areeya I am truly blessed to be surrounded by my tribe of sarong wearing friends in honor of my mom. #mymompatumwan is smiling from heaven from all the love in our #home. Thank you to my entire squad for cooking amazing noodles, bringing me fresh oysters and making my favorite coconut cupcakes. #happybirthday everyday #loveisrealwhenshared ❤️

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Celebrating my birthday in Singapore and feeling blessed with life. #happybirthday